First Letter!

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February 27, 2013 by jennaljackson

We got a snail-mail letter from Jenna yesterday.  It was our first communication and so good to hear from her.  Here’s some excerpts from her letter:

“The days are long and it’s a lot of sitting on your butt and learning, but it’s also awesome.  There really is a special spirit here and I’m sure I’ll only feel it more as I go throughout my time here.”

“After two days of classes I can say that I was wrong to ever think my Portuguese wouldn’t help me.  It helps a ton and I know most of the things we go over.  It’s hard to figure out the balance between not pretending you don’t know things that you do know or correcting people when they ask if something’s right, and not being super annoying.  Sort of wish they had an intermediate program but I’m sure that’s just for the first few days until people catch up…gift of tongues, etc.  But don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely glad I am here for six weeks!”

“I am in a trio here with Sister Mullen & Sister Brooks.  I knew Sister Brooks a little from my ward at school and she’s great.  It’s a little awk and quiet at times just cause none of us know each other but today is already a lot better than yesterday.  We laughed a lot and have fun and everyone’s cool with each other, which what more can you ask for in a companionship.  I’m sure we’re all praying for each other, too.  We’re the only three sisters going to Portugal and in our district we have about 2/3 Portugal elders and 1/3 Mozambique.  One of my roommates is going to Mozambique–possibly the first sister ever called there!”

“Well, I have very limited time before lights-out (ps–it isn’t that hard to wake up at 6:30 when you go to bed at 10:30!  phew) so I’ll go into more detail when I can email.  Just wanted to say that I’m doing fine, happy but overwhelmed, improving every hour.”


Jenna (Sister Jackson) (whatever)



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