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March 8, 2013 by jennaljackson

Dearest family, friends, acquaintances, lovers, and strangers on the internet,

WEEK TWO DOWN WASSUP WASSUP WASSUP! I have officially outlasted all the english speakers and have become MTC ancient. We’ve gotten better at p-day and thus were able to take a nap today which was bomb except for I can’t sleep at all right now because I think got the black lung pop (or a cold take your pick) and have to pound claritin ever 12 hours on the dot. Keeps me awake like you ain’t neva seen. I already can never get to sleep before midnight usually because my body just isn’t used to 8 hours and it’s the only time I get to be alone with my thoughts and we all know I think I’m super funny so that’s valuable time for me. But considering everyone in my district has been sick and I live in a giant cesspool of germs I’m just glad my immune system held out this long. Keep on fighting the good fight champ.I, too, continue to fight the good fight here in spirit prison. The thing about the MTC is that you’re never like okay, yeah, I feel ready enough for this lesson, or I feel like I’ve learned enough for this study session, I’m good. There are always always more things to learn. Doctrine to practice, scriptures to memorize, and obviously I can’t really stop working at portuguese until I’m fluent (6 months guys, that’s the plan). I love it because it keeps me focused and helps me push myself, but I won’t lie and say it’s not stressful. Luckily there are kajillions of ways that we get boosts here. We watched this BOMB devotional that Elder Bednar gave at the MTC on Christmas about the character of Christ. If you haven’t seen it, try to find it, seriously seriously. He talks about how Christ differs from the natural man in that he turns outward when the natural man turns inward and how we can all strive to develop the same characteristic. It was cool because I felt like it went along well with a concept I was pondering on consecration. I don’t have my scriptures with me but I think it’s at the end of 2 nephi were they have the scripture about “pray always” and how we should pray before we do anything so that the Lord can consecrate our efforts for the welfare of our souls. I was trying to figure out what that meant and how I could achieve it and I thought about Ether 12:27 and how if we come before the Lord he can make weak things become strong unto us. I guess it all just kinda came together for me: If I stop being inwardly focused and seek to improve and learn so I can feel better about myself and start trying to become more like unto Christ and pray before all things so that the Lord can consecrate my efforts and take them, make them into something more, and give them back to me to give to the people I serve, then I be a 100980381209x more successful missionary. Easier said than done, right? But I know that He is willing. Alright now that you’ve had the obligatory spiritual thought, on to the funnies (at least I hope).

There was LOTS of big news at the MTC this week. To be fair any news at the mtc is big news. They shut the water off two nights ago from 10pm to 6am and it was the talk of the town. I was ironing my skirt at 9:59 and I heard girls excitedly talking in the bathroom saying “are you gonna watch? I’m gonna watch. hehe!” I don’t know what they were planning to do, maybe turn on a faucet and stand there until there was no water anymore? #youknowyouvebeenintheMTCtoolongwhen. I did not choose to join them. I don’t think my weak heart could have handled so much excitement in one night. Hearts once again went aflutter yesterday when news spread that Elder Holland was on campus. In my classroom building no less! Everyone was freaking out like why is he here why why and me and my comp are just like oh probably visiting his granddaughter, she’s our friend NBD. That did not mean we got to see him or anything just that we gained street cred. They blocked off the whole floor and elders stood at the staircase hoping for a glimpse. It was hilarious and awesome because Elder Holland obviously.

Portuguese is coming along. It’s still hard for me to switch over my accent and I use the wrong “you” form 50% of the time but I’m trying hard. Our lessons with our investigators go better every day (at least in terms of the language).  You should see us after lessons. If it went well we’re stoked on life. If it went less than well we’re bummed for hours. We had a frustrating lesson with “Luciano” this week and you could tell it sucked because the three of us came back into the classroom and immediately headed for the brownies Sister Mullen had gotten from dearelder and ate our feelings for a good 10 minutes. #yikes. And if we care that much about people we know are fake…let’s just say never have I had such a strong testimony that Heavenly Father loves us and cares about the spiritual progression of His children. Speaking of food they totes lie to you when they tell you that the MTC cafeteria is like the cannon. It’s not like the cannon. I ate at the cannon for a year no PROBS but seriously the list of foods that I can eat here without wanting to kill myself later dwindles every day. Good thing everyone in my district loves to share their treats because they keep me alive along with nature valley bars from the vendies.

Shoutout to the top pieces of correspondence of the week! In second place we have Natalie Rosenlof with a dearelder that included nothing but an article on a white house petition to change the national anthem to Ignition Remix. And in first place we have Darren Jackson with a two page letter handwritten in sharpie on neon green cardstock (why does he have neon green cardstock and not paper? it is a mystery but i’m not complaining) that also included 2 printed out pages of pictures of baby sloths. I will have you all know that not one but TWO people referenced baby sloths in relation to me in their letters this week. If this is to be my legacy so be it; I have never been prouder. Call me kristin bell. Not to worry all you runners-up! It’s a new week starting today! And if you want to shoot straight to the top of the medal stand I’ll suggest that you send me cheez-its. I don’t think I’ve gone this long without eating cheez-it’s since middle school and i’m seriously jonesin. #junkie but whatever not ashamed. Also…the news….any news…………..did i mention the news here was a water shutoff……please i’m dying.

Funny things said this week in the district: me and my companions were debating jelly beans and whether they were good or not and the best kinds etc and suddenly Elder Munoz (this little 5’4 man straight out of mexico) turns to us and says with complete conviction “I prefer tacos.” We all died laughing. Seriously is there anything more mexican that he could say??? And it’s not like he was comparing it to some mexican candy that would have been understandable…no no, tacos conquer ALL other foods. Maybe you had to be there idk. Also remember the 18 year old from provo that I told you about? We were talking about where we wanted to live and everyone’s saying all these reasonable things and then Elder Galland proudly proclaims “I’m going to live in provo for the rest of my life.” (slight pause) “Okay MAYBE orem.” MAYBE orem? Too good. I was thinking this week with the new influx of gurlz do you think there will be all sister and all elder districts? I mean even though the elders are SMH a good percentage of the time, if i had to be in a room with 12 girls 12 hours a day I think I would leave. Plus sometimes boys are just cooler than girls. For example this week I learned about Narnia Holes (one time I accidentally called them Portals to Narnia and got very laughed at) which is basically the outlet covers with no stuff behind them and people unscrew the covers and put treasures in them. The boys find things like ties with a pic of a cat by a fire that has been worn by every elder living in the room and squirt guns and other funny things. I found one in our room. It contained three small acorns. We try. Those are the MTC jokes for the week along with the subject line which got a lot of laughs in the tripanionship. HP is always a crowd-pleaser. We’ve assigned everyone in the district LOTR characters. I claimed Eowyn for myself because well there are very few girls and sister brooks IS arwen. I fear a cage. (too bad the mtc is a cage) but soon enough I shall ride into battle (against satan) with a hobbit at my back (the holy ghost? this is a stretch).

Welp my time is running out and I gotta get my clothes, but know that I love you all and that there is no happier time than the after dinner dearelder time so even though I can’t respond fast to your letters I read them and love them! They help keep me going.

hugs and kisses loves and misses

Sister Jackson


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