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March 16, 2013 by jennaljackson

Dear errone,

As you could probably tell from the subject line I am quickly acclimating to the life of a sister missionary. HA JOKES! I would say I forget my tag like 40-50% of the time (my subconscious desires rearing their ugly heads? loljk) and for all anyone knows I am an impostor from BYU sneakin’ around trying to find my boyfriend who just came into the MTC. I’m not though. I’m legit.

Speaking of people just coming in to the MTC, SHOUTOUT to Sydney Chartrand who has joined the Ruski colony upstairs from my class! She told me that she died laughing reading my letters which was much-needed positive reinforcement for me. Did I think about it the rest of the day? Maybe. Whatever. People don’t tell me I’m funny as much as I would like here. I’m lucky to have companions that even laugh at MOST of my jokes. It’s been hard because I keep making youtube references that nobody understands, mostly from kyle videos (aka nobody laughs when I say BENJALSSSS in a whiny voice or say “such a lovely one” but I keep on trying anyway).

As for scintillating MTC news, mostly my life is the same all the time #itsablur, but there are about 12x every day when I think, “Where am I and why is everyone around me an alien?” Such as when I was taking a shower the other day minding my own business when a girl starts singing hymns in the shower. Not that weird for the mtc. But THEN another girl who is also taking a shower starts SINGING THE HARMONY PART OF THE HYMNS WITH HER. Just while they’re both naked in the shower and I can assume they probably don’t know each other! My thoughts at the time: 1) pretty sure I just saw this happen in a movie and it ended with an a capella version of the breakfast club song and true love’s kiss 2) is this real life 3) remember how Mom said she used to sing folk songs (Mom’s edit – James Taylor songs)  in the MTC shower to ruffle people’s feathers, what a baller (4) maybe I should start singing songs in the shower to ruffle feathers, I mean I have had Golddigger stuck in my head all day 5) nope, better not #andwebringitbacktopitchperfect. So that happened. Also it’s interesting because a lot of people talk in their sleep in my room and it definitely shows that we are dedicated missionaries. For example one night the sis who sleeps above me just says super loudly “JESUS CHRIST” and then goes back to sleep. Another night her companion said “JOSE SMITCH” (which is how we pronounce it for the Portuguese people) and then went back to sleep. My personal favorite was Sister Brooks doing pretty good on the baptismal commitment, in Portuguese, in her sleep. What a star. Also not gospel related but my bunkmate makes interesting sounds like if you can imagine a human doing an impression of a garbage disposal (do it yourself right now so you can really get the full effect) — that is the sound she makes in her sleep. I am the only one who ever hears these because apparently I am the world’s lightest sleeper but I think it’s funny so it’s fine. Another example of hashtag onlyatthemtc is every Sunday when we watch movies and sometimes there is romance in them such as Legacy which is about pioneers and zion and proves the church is true because the ox got up to walk and every time the husband and wife would kiss LITERALLY THE WHOLE MTC WHISTLES AND HOOTS AND COVERS THEIR COMPANIONS’ EYES. egads. I love it though I truly do.

I’m reminded why I love it every Tuesday when we have our bomb devotionals and I get to be edified and then share my insights with you all. This week we had Paul V. Johnson of the 70 who talked to us about humility and submitting our will to the Lord’s. It answered a few weirdly specific questions that I had–he talked about Ether 12:27 which is one of my favorite scriptures and I’m sure one of the favorite scriptures of every missionary ever.  I had been wondering what exactly the actions were I needed to take to humble myself before the Lord so he could make my weaknesses strengths. My answer came when the speaker said that submitting your will and humbling yourself is “working when you don’t feel like it.” It all kind of came together for me–what I need to do is try my hardest and always know that what God needs me to do is more important than what I want to do. I felt that answered another question I had–we hear a lot at the MTC about how we need to work our hardest so that we can treasure up knowledge for the Holy Ghost to use when we need it. But then we also hear a lot about don’t worry, it’s okay, even if you suck at the language and don’t know all the doctrine people will still be converted by the Spirit. So I thought, is it my work or God’s help? Turns out they’re the same thing. Again, working hard when I don’t feel like it. Just some thoughts I had that I wanted to share with everyone.

Some funny news from the District…we have some elders going to Angola and Mozambique and it’s hilarious because they’re from Utah and Texas and they have no idea where they’re going. I mean I know they aren’t the MOST developed of places, but I’m pretty sure these boys think they’re going to go convert Joseph Kony. For example a gem from yesterday’s class…we were talking about how sarcasm doesn’t really translate in Portugal and then Elder Dunkley’s like “Yeah in Africa it’s like wanna hear a joke? *Makes the action of shooting everyone with a machine gun*” and I think oh yikes. Elder Dunkley also has chosen to study Portuguese by going straight through his 500 Portuguese verb book and doing nothing else. So he knows all these really random verbs (as long as they start with A-F) and nothing else. Like he was in a lesson and he didn’t know how to ask his investigator if he’d been baptized so he asked “Have you been drizzled on the head?” Like who in the MTC knows how to say drizzled on the head but not baptized (which is baptizar by the way)??? What a champ. In other funny Portuguese mistakes my roommate was teaching an investigator how to pray and she accidentally told him that we can “fart for the things that we need”…..she said her teacher just started cracking up and she didn’t know why till after. Note to self pedir does not equal pedar #oopsy

Welp my laundry is done and I gots to go, hopefully you got a few lolz out of this week’s edition of JLJ: The MTC Years. I’ve passed the halfway point and I’m less than 3 weeks from Portugal, can ya believe it? As much as I make jokes about everything I really do enjoy my life as a missionary and I appreciate everyone’s letters, prayers, and encouragement.

Paz e bencaos,

Sister Jackson

Jenna MTC 3-14-13


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