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March 30, 2013 by jennaljackson

Well pals, this is it! My last official (well not like there are unofficial ones) p-day here at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah USA. Next time you hear from me I’ll be in a different country, a different continent, have spoken a different language to many different people, have a different companion *tears tears*, and probably have gone through many different emotional and mental states of being. As I embark upon this adventure I feel my mood can be best summed up with a by words from the one and only Adam Young:

“I’ll cut loose and leave this madhouse
bound for the Atlantic blue.”

Okay yes I listened to Owl City in high school whatever. Now that we have that settled, I could not be more excited to leave this little madhouse nest that is the MTC and sail away to the great beyond! We had in-field orientation today, in which they basically take everything you learned or thought you learned in the MTC and apply it to what you’ll actually be doing in the field that they haven’t gone over thus far–finding, using referrals, contacting, working with the members, etc. Aside from it being the longest day of my MTC life it really pumped me up to get out there. Am I scared out of my mind and have no idea what I’m doing? Absolutely. But I figure the sooner I get the chance to spread my little baby wings the sooner I can learn and be come useful out there to the Lord and do what I came out here to do. Also the blonde guy from The District made a guest appearance in the grand finale of IFO so that was big news. Not as big as when Elder Holland was here but definitely still counts as an MTC celeb sighting. No one seemed to care when the Portuguese Ambassador visited us though, weird right?

Enjoyed my last temple experience earlier this morning. Pics attached. Soaked it all in, considering it’s the last time I’ll be going for 16.5 more months, though rumors abound that we might get a chance to go to the temple in Madrid at some point. Oh the dreams of a missionary! Don’t worry, mom and dad, we can definitely go when you come to pick me up 🙂

If you were wondering what’s the sitch at the MTC (letter me email me if you wanna reach me) and in The District, not too much has gone down in the past week. Another wonderful and joyful Haikuesday was had by all. Sister Brooks wrote a particularly clever one comparing herself to Samson since she was getting her hair cut that day. She looks great in case you wondered. Also Sister Brooks and I had a very productive language study in which we may or may not have written a rap in Portuguese. It’s about the gospel, mostly. So don’t worry we’re staying focused on our purpose. She has the complete lyrics in her notebook in the classroom so I’ll just give you the highlights of what I can remember.

Oi oi como estas
Nosso coracao e grande para tu
Temos uma mensagem
Para compartilhar contigo

(Hi hi how are you/our heart is big for you/we have a message to share with you)

Ensinaremos-os como igrega
se ensinara-nos como dougie
A palavra de deus e gratuito
Nao tem que me pague

(We will teach you how to church/if you teach us how to dougie/the word of god is free/you don’t have to pay me)


ouro prato ferro e latao
cosias preciosas de Jose Smitch

(gold silver iron and brass/precious things from joseph smith)

Traz-lo, diabo! Temos isto!
Poder de Deus e placas do latao!

(Bring it, devil! We got this! Power of God and plates of brass!)


Grite em voz alta
Jesus e nosso Salvador! (x2)

(Scream it out loud/Jesus is our Savior!)


and then we end with

Esmega-lo! Xequemate! (Crushed it! Checkmate!)

I know you don’t think it’s possible but there is in fact more that I cannot remember at this time. Hope you enjoyed that. Our rap name is Os Ladroes (The Robbers) and so far this number is Untitled but we welcome suggestions and submissions as well as guest verses, like Nicki Minaj-style for when we make it big. Just let us know guys, just let us know. You know you wanna get in on the ground floor with this. You should know that we were dying crying laughing the whole time we were writing this and clearly think we are the most hilarious. But we aren’t sure if it’s just the MTC getting to us so sorry if it wasn’t actually funny. I think I might have a panic attack when I have to leave Sister Brooks, oh I love her so. The other day she told me at lunch “Do you ever wish you could just have someone narrate your life? That’s how I feel about you.” And that’s when I knew she truly loved me. Needless to say it was the biggest compliment I’ve ever gotten.

Another highlight of the week was getting a fantastic package from the one the only THE LEGEND natalie rosenlof. It contained delicious brownies and treats and also the piece de resistance (?) HOT CHEETOS AND TAKIS. It was incredible it was hilarious it was perfect. Attached is a nice photo of me hitting them with the flex, if you will, with my hot cheetos and takis. However I am incapable of handling medium salsa so I decided to give them to our resident Mexican (who literally gasped and said “TAKIS?!?!” when I pulled them out of the box). Also attached is a picture of him with his treats and an expression of pure unadulterated joy. We’re like 234232498x better friends now so thx natalie. #ben10needasnackyoubettergiveittohim made my week.

As far as spiritual thoughts, I’ve basically read Alma 26 like five times this week just getting stoked for the work. They basically drilled into us that even if people like to tell you that you won’t baptize because you’re going to Europe (not that that’s EVER happened to me) that the field is so white everywhere and that there are people, prepared or maybe not, that are there to hear what we have to say. I love how he just starts talking about how bomb they were as missionaries and his brethren are all like whoa bro no boasting here please and he’s like no I boast of my God because it’s through him that I do all these things! Just love it. Nothing gets me more stoked. Also something I’ve been working on this week that’s helped me a lot came from a devotional we had on Tuesday. He was giving his tips to being successful and his first one was “come here and stay here.” He was talking about once you come on the mission, don’t keep your heart at home or in letters or things like that. I don’t have a huge problem with that but I’ve really been trying to work on being present in whatever activity I’m doing at the time and really putting all my heart and energy into it, whether it be class or teaching or gym or whatever. Trying to develop excellence in all that I have to do every day. It’s helped me feel like I’m developing and also that my efforts here are worthwhile. I wish I had done the same thing when I was at home because though it takes effort and reminding myself, it makes me a happier person.

Another cool experience we had was my companionship got to demonstrate in the opening workshop for all the new missionaries that got here on Wednesday. It’s called “how to begin teaching” and we basically go into a room with an “investigator” and get the lesson started with them with like 50 missionaries watching, and then they pause us and let the group take over. It wasn’t a huge deal or anything just means we’re the best of the best. Nottt reallllyyy. But it was really cool to see how far we’ve all come and how I felt on that first night compared to how I feel now. I know that when I get to the field it will be like LOL IS THIS REAL LIFE #davidafterdentist but I just hope that I can find those little moments of joy and feel that I’m doing my best.

If you want to get me any dearelders before I leave because you love me and want to wish me luck on the craziest day of my life, be sure to send them by noon on monday otherwise I won’t get them. I love you all so so much and love hearing about your lives and appreciate your encouragement. Pray for all of the district this week–we’re gonna need it!

See you on the flip side (of the Atlantic). We all know there’s nothing I like better than being eastward bound 🙂

Paz e bencaos

Sister JImageImageImageImage


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