Photos (!) and a quick note

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April 23, 2013 by jennaljackson

Ola irmaos e irmas,

Just a short note and picture haul this week! I’m already exceeding my time so i gotta make it quick.

This week has been pretty good! We’ve been starting to work with a reference we got, a lady named Otilia. She’s pretty cool and has a lot of faith in Jesus Christ and knows that she needs to follow what God wants her to do. We have a lot of hope for her but she struggles to keep the commitments we set for her. She has a lot of things going on in her life. She’s about 50 or so and runs an antique store, and I think times are hard in Portugal for that kind of thing right now. She has a few children, all older, who worry her and a sister who needs a lot of help. But she seems to be very receptive to the message so I’ll be sure to keep updating you on how that goes.

We continue to work with Manuel, the older gentleman who’s had the missionaries many many many times, but it’s the same thing with him (commitment issues). But as long as we have people to teach, I feel better about things. We continue to knock lots of doors and do lots of finding, but it’s a hard life.

Portugal gets more and more beautiful as it gets warmer and warmer. The wind is the only annoying thing right now. Especially in a skirt. Yikes. Hi world.

We have stake conference next Sunday which I’m excited for…should be cool to see all the members in this part of Portugal coming together and have that reminder that the church really does have a presence everywhere! I have never enjoyed church so much as I do here. Absolutely amazing to see how faithful people coming together every week can bring the spirit and change lives. If only we could force our investigators to come, right?

Hope everyone is having an awesome week. Hope to have more success updates next time. Ate ate,

Sister J

ImageSister Brooks and I repp two up, two down for VA and ATL, respectively. She is now known to me as sister breezy henceforth and forever amen and amen.

ImageWhen babygirls came to visit me illegally during temple walk.

ImageThe awkwardest of pictures with our MTC teacher Irmao Perkes…it’s hard to be a sister.

ImageWe peaced out of the MTC gates. We thought this picture would be funnier than it ended up being but you get the idea.

ImageThe happiest of days, when I got Cafe Rio at the airport. Literally never been so excited to eat something. 

ImageMe and the giant sloth in a jacket at the SLC airport…because it’s a giant sloth and you’re not gonna not.

ImageThe one and only time I have ever been in the United Kingdom. #sobritishrightnow

ImageMe n Prez

ImageSister Brooks and I part ways….tears were shed round the world

ImageChucking up deuces at the capela for my TWO MONTH ANNIVERSARY IN THE MISSION! only have to do that nine times! (cue ferris bueller….niiiinne tiiimmes?? niiiinnne tiiimmes.)

ImageMe at this super fine place in Vila Real….some call it Machu Picchu…but to me it is known as Entrance to Rivendell…if you ignore the weird shacks built inside that is. The pic doesn’t do it justice. 


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