Greenies, Fixies, and the Return of YOLO! (+photos)

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May 20, 2013 by jennaljackson

First of all, HAPPY THREEMONTHIVERSARY TO ME!  May 20, 3 big ones on the mission. I think in Portuguese I would say eu faço meses hoje? There’s literally no way of knowing. 
So far I have about 4 days of being a trainer and it’s been a time, let me tell you. But really though, I’ve already learned so much. First, that saying is totes true! The Lord DOES qualify whom He calls. It’s honestly been a miracle–either that, or I’ve been growing a lot these past 6 weeks without realizing it. Probs a little bit of both. But for example our first day here we had a lesson with Manuel (old dude we’re teaching who’s had the missionaries 2x before, etc etc) and his wife Maria and they’re people that talk A LOT, right? So I was pretty scared to go there, fearing that I wouldn’t understand anything. But during the lesson I kid you not I understood I think 95% of what they were saying and could respond and have a normal human conversation. It was incredible. We even (more or less) marked him for June 2. I haven’t noticed the growth of my Portuguese, being with Sister Suzarte all the time, but looking back it’s clear I’ve had the dom das linguas at my side to prepare me for this training experience. Can’t wait for 6 weeks from now when people stop asking me to explain things in English to my greenie, haha. But I’ve been blessed this week and have managed to do all the things that I needed to do for our investigators. Not that it suddenly became easy; talking on the phone is still a painful painful experience, but I discovered that I can manage.

Secondly, you don’t have to be able to do things exactly perfect like the Assistants do in the training demonstrations in order to do things. Of course I am always studying and practicing and trying to improve, but for now I just need to get out there and do it. Probably the coolest thing that’s happened is that this week I have experienced the return of all the YOLO I lost from being able to depend on another person who had more experience than me, and also fearing that I was gonna look stupid in front of someone who’s already a super good missionary. The fact that it’s a necessity, a little bit of Nephi 3:7, and a conscious decision of ‘alright let’s just go DO this shiz’ has helped me lose my fear. I’ve done more street contacts in two days than I did my entire first transfer, and you know what? It was fine. Got some numbers and some appointments. One guy gave us a number that didn’t work, which was sad because I don’t even think he meant to, I think he was just a little bit not there nawmean. The saddest one was a Chinese man that I tried so hard with but he said he couldn’t understand my Portuguese :((( I just have a love for aisans k??? But on Saturday night we contacted this really awesome Peruvian man who it turns out already has the BOM, has read it and some of the D&C, and been to church before. The problem?? He works every Sunday. But we’re going to talk to him more this week and I have faith that there’s a way.  Clearly an elect, right?? It’s really incredible how many people we talk to that have experience with the church or the missionaries. Don’t know if it’s because the Lord is putting them in our path, or if the missionaries have just been overrunning this little town for years now. Sorry pals it’s only gonna get worse!! #50greeniesthistransfer #convertportugal2013

Good news on investigators front…Marlene came to church this week! MIRACLES! I don’t know why it’s SO difficult to get people to church here but it was awesome. Not just to have her there so she can be baptized, but also because it’s a way to familiarize her more with the gospel. We have an awesome, hilarious, Brazilian gospel essentials teacher who is working really slowly through the plan of salvation and I’m stoked because that should make it easier to teach this week. Everything has an importance. The hard part will still be the cigarettes, she was getting very antsy to leave at the end of church so she could go smoke. But we shall overcome together.

Maria and Everson, the aunt and nephew we’ve been teaching are progressing nicely. It’s awesome because they always read what we ask them to in the Book of Mormon, are really open and understand our purpose and what we’re asking them to do. It makes them a little bit more apprehensive because they truly get what it means to be baptized, but they’re open. They wouldn’t accept a date but we have more appointments this week. 

All in all this week was fun, the journey to Lisbon is always a treat…well the 3 times I’ve done it. 5 hour bus ride! We had a full day of training just for the leaders on Wednesday, and at night like 50 missionaries spread out over Lisbon and street contacted the WORLD.  I was with sister Silva, my Cabo Verdean roomie so we literally contacted every black person we saw. It was awesome haha. Lisbon is truly the promised land…everyone we talked to gave us their number and said we could come back. What?? Maybe someday i will have the privilege to serve there, but for now the other sisters can enjoy our 6 solid references, lolz. On the way back we were on the way to the bus station and i saw this gem piece of grafitti, attached in a pic for your viewing pleasure. You can’t escape the hipsters even across the atlantic #fixiedontcare 

Sister Miles is awesome, of course a little overwhelmed with the language but she has a great attitude and is always ready to learn even when I’m sort of tough on her. I make us practice lots in the street haha. She did her first door contact yesterday! We offer prayers at the door, so she did that and the guy just looks at me and I go ‘we’re disciples of Jesus Christ and we’d like to….’ and then he silently walks to this huge statue of the Virgin Mary and just points at it and raises his eyebrows at is. Hahhaha it was honestly amazing. I just was like ‘cool so you’re a disciple of Jesus Christ too, awesome, have a good day!’ and then we left. Classic Portugal experience. 

Alright champs and champesses, sorry for the novel, hope everyone’s doing gr8!  Keep praying for us here and we promise to do the same for you. Stay cool don’t change HUGS and much love from the real town (vila real get it)

Sister J

There is no caption or explanation that makes this funnier than it already is so I leave you with that.

There is no caption or explanation that makes this funnier than it already is so I leave you with that.

Me and my greenie, Sister Miles

Me and my greenie, Sister Miles

Me and my mom and my daughter #3generations

Me and my mom and my daughter #3generations



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