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May 27, 2013 by jennaljackson


Sooooo this week has been LONG but basically good. We started out with pday on Monday and at night took a bus up to Porto and stayed with the sisters there for Zone meeting the next day. No idea why we did it because Porto is only like 1.5 hours away and we can easily get there in the morning, but it was fine because I got to sleep in a freezing cold room with a tiny blanket (‘sleep’ being a generous description). It’s sweet that there are sisters in Porto now, and I was a little jealous of them, especially because Porto reminds me of DC in a way so I automatically love it. But after turning to ice I’m counting my blessings in Vila Real, at least we have portable heaters here. Cue the as told by ginger theme song about the grass being greener on the other side. anyone? annnyone??? #nickelodeon2004throwback 

Zone meeting was good and I had my first interview with President. Received lots of faca (literally means knife but is missionary slang for chastisement, usually received from leaders after some form of fubecagem (slackerness)). JUST KIDDING! He’s the nicest. But anyway the sisters from Porto, who are our Sister Training Leaders, came back to VR with us to do a division. So there were FOUR of us spread out across our tiny little area doing street contacts mostly all day. It was hilarious, we would stop someone and they would be like NO NO I ALREADY TALKED TO THE OTHER ONES and we’d be like aahh yes, we just like to give people chances to come unto Christ. But we got a lot of phone numbers. Some of them are real. Some of them not so much. Still trying to get in contact with all of these people, but it’s always good to have the potential investigator jar fuller than usual.  

This week we have been working a lot with Marlene. We taught palavra de sabedoria and she agreed to quit smoking so that was awesome! We are working toward a baptismal date of June 2 with her. When we told her she should get the support of her friends and family to help her quit she told us her family doesn’t know she smokes. I do not know how this is possible considering one time she told me to smell her hair because she had been using the Cristiano Ronaldo shampoo (#portugal) but all I could smell was ashes for days. Maybe her parents have seven horcruxes, I don’t know. That’s a joke about how Voldemort doesn’t have a nose. Congrats to anyone who got there before they read the explanation.  

We also had two good lessons with this SUPER old guy Joaquim. I felt a little weird about it because, you know, he’s old, but we’re all god’s children. He read the Book of Mormon, feels it’s true, and accepted a baptismal date on our second lesson. But when we went to get him for church his wife screamed at us over the apartment intercom NAO ESTA NAO ESTA NAO ESTA and I’m pretty sure she’s crazy so I don’t know what will happen with that. Other than that we are continuing to work with various people but no one super in particular.  

One hilarious thing that happened this week was during our division when we went to visit Otilia and she was with a friend so we started to talk with the friend and teach him a ‘lesson’ but which was really like a 30 minute argument between the man and the brasilian sister I was with. Ended in him trying to give beijinhos, kisses on the cheek, to her, her doing the classic recoil, and him getting even more pissed hahaha. But then two days later Otilia hands me this bronze carving of Jesus’ face and says this is from Duarte (the man), he thought you’d like it! So yolo, I have a Jesus. During our lesson Otilia was like I always have Jesus inside my head and I was like well right now I have Jesus inside my backpack! One of my first Portuguese jokes. I thought it was funnier than anyone else did. whatevs 

Sister Miles continues to do great, progress rapidly and learn lots every day. She’s not afraid to talk to people which is awesome! I’m grateful for her amazing attitude and even though it is hard to be in charge when I feel like I still know nothing about the mission, it’s helped me grow tons already.  

I love you all! Be excellent to each other. Until next time on arrested development-

Sister Jackson


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