Disillusionment, sperry tans, and poder de jejum

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June 4, 2013 by jennaljackson

Queridos irmaos e irmas,

Hello from Portugal once again! This week has been interesting, filled with good things and bad. Saturday we finally finished contacting ALL the people whose numbers we got during our division with our sister leaders. I’m pretty sure every single compromisso we had with a new investigator fell. I remember when I used to get sad when that happened…haha. I still get sad, but now I just sort of expect it to happen, is that bad?? I still don’t know why people TELL us they want to meet with us and mark a time and a place and then just don’t show up and dodge our calls; wouldn’t it be easier to just say no thx? But I digress. Just gives us more time to do contacts and find elects!

Speaking of which, I have an increased testimony on the power of fasting this week. We conducted a mission fast for our transfer goals of baptisms and church attendance, but as a companionship we also fasted to have investigators at church because that’s our weakest area by far, even though we make plans with the entire world to go. This week we really focused on church attendance and handed out convites a igreja (little cards with invitation and address of the church) to every SINGLE person we talked to on the street. One man, Jorge, first said that he didn’t want anything with us and that he was Catholic. So I just talked to him a little and handed him the convite and told him about our meetings. He seemed to soften up miraculously and even though he has a religious music group at the same time as our church, he said he would pass by for sacrament. We called him on Sunday morning to confirm. Then he shows up in the middle of sunday school (before sacrament) just to say that he can’t come but he wanted to tell me. We convinced him to stay for sunday school and he seemed to have a good experience, and after, I don’t know why, he said he could stay for sacrament meeting! It was a great testimony meeting and I’m 99% sure he was crying at the end. He said he would come next week and we are teaching him tomorrow as well. He has 2 friends at church. If he’s not elect, I don’t know who is. But I know that the whole thing was truly a blessing from Heavenly Father and our dedication to the fast helped it happen! Considering the only times we’ve had investigators at church are when I’ve fasted for it, I’m thinking that’s not a coincidence. Is it allowed to fast every week? Someone get back to me on that. (just kidding, just kidding, I’ve read the white handbook too)

In other news, Marlene is still progressing but can’t be baptized until next week because she couldn’t come to church yesterday. At least we hope. She is down to like half the cigarettes she used to smoke, but it’s still a problem. I know she has a desire to change and be baptized, but I wish she could just dig in and keep her commitments. We will keep working for sure. I am excited to baptize someone young because that’s truly what the church needs to build a foundation here. Adults are great, but if they don’t have family then the fear is that the church doesn’t continue after them. Our focus here in Portugal is ‘crescemento real’ and I really want to see that happen.

Also I have successfully gotten a Sperrys tan this week. It looks pretty stupid when I’m wearing other shoes, but I’m secretly stoked because what is more east coast than that amiright? #elitefeet Also I spent many summers with a random tan crop circle on my back from swim team, so I’m used to embarrassing tan lines. And that time my eyebrows randomly got really blonde and disappeared in the sun and people asked if I dyed them. Prefer not to remember it.

May have started a list of tweets that I need to post when I get home, so as not to forget the lolz. So far got about 7. Judge me #judgeme

Been reading the missionary library at nights and in the mornings and it feels ohhh so good to be reading books again. may have finished our search for happiness and almost done with our heritage. the saints of the restoration were sick. but next up- JTC! can’t wait

Welp that’s about all and we’re only able to do one person emailing at a time this week, so sorry my letter’s not a work and the glory novel like usual. Have the best week of your lives!

Sister Jackson



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