On yololz, portadores, and standardized testing

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June 17, 2013 by jennaljackson

Friends and lovers, 

This week has certainly been filled with lottzzz of big news! The biggest is that Jorge was baptized this week without a hitch. And it was AWESOME. The difference between our baptism this week and last was like night and day. The members for some reason got super excited this time which made all the difference. They made food, they came up to congratulate him, all that stuff. It also helps that he’s been making friends with the members on his own, asking them questions and for help and explanation. Plus, I think they’re just stoked that he’s a possible portador (holder…of the priesthood). The best victory of the day was that the Stake President was in our sacrament meeting and the baptism, and after he came up to me to say that he talked to Jorge and that he was very well prepared. #victoryisours but really it was all about him being elect and using the members well. He showed up in a white shirt and tie yesterday without us even telling him to! It was adorable. I have so much love for that little guy (50 year old man). 

The OTHER biggest news we received was that next transfer we will be opening up a group in Chaves, the tiny little town on the border with Spain, and SLEEPING there 2-3 nights a week. I’m definitely apprehensive. There used to be a branch there, and I don’t know what happened but they took the missionaries out and now we have one active family, one active recent convert and a TON of inactives. So now we have to find a room to rent, I’m sorry what how do they think I am capable of doing these things, and essentially open a new area but it’s worse because we can’t even spend all our time there and we’re still supposed to focus equally or more on Vila Real. It’s basically this: YOLOLZ. Of course, everything is dependent on me not getting transferred out, but I have zero expectation of that happening so it looks like it’s new and exciting adventures for me the next 6 weeks! On another note, whoever made transfers 6 weeks was a genius. Just enough time that I’m tired as poop by the end, but not so tired that I can’t work. 6 days until we receive the magic call! The good news is it lit-truly cannot be more surprising or overwhelming than the last time. Unless I had to train a different person again. I think I’d die. Knock on wood. 

We keep on having funny problems with people reading too much of the Book of Mormon. One of our new investigators, with whom we left the classic 2 ne 31, decided that after this he would start from the beginning. He became very bothered by the story of Nephi killing Laban and said that he doesn’t accept a God who orders people to kill, but that he will keep an open mind and refrain from making a judgment until he finishes the whole thing. After a week he was in 1 ne 15, so we may be working with him for awhile yet. But I guess there are worse problems to have??

A thought that I thought in the shower the other day…a very convenient measure of mission time is the ACT score. Well, for girls. You take 18 months, double it and that’s a perfect score on the act. So if you want to figure out how experienced you are/get a reality check about how long you have on the mission you just double your months and see how smart you are! For instance, right now I ALMOST have an 8. I think maybe you can get that by writing your name on the paper. Humility

That’s just about it champs! I love you all. Keep on fighting the good fight. 

Sister J

PS. if anyone has any foolproof group games that they like to do…I beg of you…email them to me. We have to plan an activity night with a game every week and it’s the most stressful thing of my life, they never think my games are fun here. It’s things like these that I just feel like elders don’t have to do. 

P.P.S. pictures soon of jorginho. in a ghetto internet cafe right now because our president kicked us out of doing internet at the capela. sisterprobz


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