Opening doors, carrying cats

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July 2, 2013 by jennaljackson


SooooOOOoooo yet another week of running back and forth around the north of Portugal! We had our second week of meetings in Chaves, second week of only 5 people. We are going to start spending more time recruiting the inactives here, but the problem is our list is really old and a lot of people have moved, died, or become jehovah’s witnesses. Ouch. But the missionary broadcast helped me realize that there really is still hope for all these people and sure, maybe you don’t get the little mark in the numbers column for people you reactivate, but it’s still the work of salvation and what we need to do here in Chaves. 


In Vila Real, the work is going well, even though I feel like the investigators we have are progressing quite slowly. Our focus this week really needs to be marking people for baptism. But Mario and Fafa showed up for church for the first time this Sunday so I have renewed hope for them! I’ve also had yet ANOTHER renewed testimony of the power of fasting and prayer. We were doing a fast for our area this week and headed out after language study with no more compromissos for the day, just people we could visit. We passed an apartment building and I thought how I wanted to knock it, but we can’t because the door is always locked. Not 5 seconds later I saw one of our old investigators who LIVES there on his way home, so I asked if we could walk with him and then if we could go ‘visit’ some other people in his building. He’s really old and barely understands us, so he was chill with it. When we were using the elevator to go up, we held it for this girl and then she looks at us and I’m like you look really familiar, have we met before? And she’s like yeah, you guys are those girls who helped me carry my cat to the bus station! Seriously more than a month ago we helped this chick carry her stuff and we thought we’d never meet her again, but lo and behold she lives in the always locked building! We were able to have a lesson with her and unfortunately she is leaving for the summer, but still, it was super cool. Found a ton of other novos in that building too. Seems like just when I need a little faith booster, the Lord reminds me that His hand really is in this work. 

Anyway, gotta be better about email time so that’s about it for this week! Hope everyone at home got a fire lit under their butts to do some member missionary work. We can’t do it alone, ya herd? Well, we can, it’s just way harder. Give someone a bowl of fruit and a gospel message, they’ll for sure be baptized! lololzzzz. that’s from the song medley with the perfect family. Wouldn’t it be nice?

Until next time!

Sister J


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