Merica, Leprechauns, e Calor Demais‏

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July 8, 2013 by jennaljackson

Dear all,

HAPPY AMERICA WEEK!!!! And Cabo Verde week. Turns out CV’s Independence Day is 5 of July. So our roomier made us cachepot (no idea how to spell) and continued to lie to my greenie about how Americans are not allowed into Cabo Verde except missionaries. This joke has been ongoing for a long time and I do not know how long she will continue to believe it….only time will tell.

It was a wonderful 4th, even though we had to go to Chaves and didn’t have comp study I made sister miles stand up and put her hand on her heart as we sang the star spangled banner. Very loudly. I wore my America outfit that I had been planning for a month. I drank coke even though I don’t like coke, but it seemed like the right thing to do. All in all it was great. I hope all of you lived it up there in the USA…nothing like living out of the pais to remember how awesome it is.

The greatest things that happened this week: the OFFICIAL group opening of Chaves, with our stake leadership, branch president….AND TWO INVESTIGATORS!!! They’re the kids of a couple that were members back in the day when there was a branch and the missionaries have continued to visit them throughout the years and they came this week! It was the coolest. Andrea is 24 and Joao is 21, and they have another sister who’s 8. Hopefully we can get them progressing and into the waters of baptism soon! Unfortunately the parents are totes inactive and don’t appear to want anything, but who knows.

The OTHER greatest thing: Jorge was ordained to the Aaronic priesthood! Woooo! He hasn’t missed a Sunday or a weekly activity night since we started teaching him. Seriously, elect. Love that guy so much. The only sad thing is he still doesn’t have glasses so he can’t read the BOM on his own. I want to work on getting an audio version, but it takes awhile for that stuff here. Mario and Fafa also came to church again so that was cool! We’re gonna have a lesson with our branch pres to see if we can move things along.

Random things from this week: I realized a lifelong dream slash fear and got trapped in an elevator. Seriously!! Not just any elevator, a sketchy Portuguese elevator with four people inside and no room. It was both not as scary and scarier than you’d think. We were in there for like 5 minutes, most of which I spent wondering whether there could actually be a limited supply of oxygen and trying to take furtive shallow breaths. And thinking of trapped in the closet by R. Kelly. Anyone? But no worries, we were freed, all was well. Also this week we found a rap song that the previous elders had written about Madeira, one of the island areas on the mission. Complete with ukulele background…the best lyrics are ‘your investigators get wet but ours get wetter OHHHHHHH’ so that happened. Also found on the back of our area map board a list of goals that some elder had left: ‘1. go to buy Provo, PhD mechanical engineering 2. make the lax team 3. marry my dream wife’ and there it ends. I love elders. Also our new zone leader is this skinny ginger with a nate reuss haircut from the UK. MY ZL IS ACTUALLY A LEPRECHAUN. that is all. #potofgoldplz? Occurred for the second time this week that someone exposed themself inappropriately during a lesson. Yikes. And this morning a bird got trapped in our apartment and I was trying to help it get free but it wouldn’t let me and I thought, what a sadly accurate metaphor for my life. But then my roommate from Cabo Verde just grabbed it with no problems. Island people. ALSO it’s been 105 plus degrees every day this week and I’m dying. I thought Portugal was temporate??????

Anyway, that’s about all! Fica bem, love you errrrrrrbody.

Sister J

Here’s a few photos:

1) Celebrating 4th and America with coke… europeans drink it. if you put it in a glass its classy right???


2) When we had to walk like an hour back to vila real from the middle of nowhere because i failed on the bus system. i tried to hitchhike. it did not work.


3) The official first day of the church in Chaves, Portugal! Well, again.


4) picture of Jorge’s baptism that I never sent!


5) how bad is it if I take a day off to go see SNOOP LION?




5) yours truly on america day with the greatest things america has ever created……..cheez its. peanut butter. sperry topsiders



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