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July 17, 2013 by jennaljackson

Dear all,

INNNNteresting week here. We continued to scurry about between Vila Real, Chaves, and Porto for zone conference. I have started to become friends with some of the bus drivers and develop opinions on which types of buses are the least crappy. Such is my life…and this week I get to travel to Lisbon to get my residency card so that’s another 5 hours each way! yaaayyyyyy. Sometimes I think they really need to split this mission again haha. The travel is just ridicalus.

Things in Chaves continue to progress, though slowly. God is blessing us with lots of Brazilians placed in our path, #thx #elect. But really though. We are trying to teach this one brasileira who seems way perfect and way elect, but she wouldn’t let us leave a BOM with her yet unfortunately. Mostly what sucks is the time thing, we can’t just go stalk people every day and if they can’t meet the days we’re there we don’t talk to them. Same thing with our investigators in Vila Real, so it’s difficult. The mission is promising full time missionaries there next transfer though, so we only do this goose chase 3 weeks more. The BAD news from Chaves is that our investigators, kids of a member couple that weren’t baptized, and who were coming to church and accepted a baptismal date, said that their mom won’t let them come to church anymore. Apparently since the death of their brother they’ve been going to this ‘religao espirito’ where they help you talk to ghosts, and the mom, WHO WAS BAPTIZED, thinks it’s better not to ‘mix these things up.’ don’t worry, we will keep working with them, it’s just going to be a littttle more complicated than i thought. For now, more Sundays with 5 people at church haha. On the bright side, I’m getting really good at leading music.

Quick news from VR, Mario and Fafa came to church for the third Sunday in a row, but they still won’t commit to a date. Mario wants a priesthood blessing for his insomnia so maybe that will help, I don’t know. We have been getting our branch president more involved as well. Happy things: Jorge prepared and passed the sacrament in church this Sunday! It was so cool to take the bread and water from the tray and think about how he was just a random person I talked to on the street that I never thought would talk to us again. Thoughts like that keep me going, especially when every person in Chaves thinks we’re Jehovah’s witnesses. Strongly considering changing our approach to HI WE ARE MORMONS. Just too clear things up a little bit.

We also got a new roommate! Sister Silva’s comp was transferred after just 2.5 weeks. yeepppp. It was a switch with another sister in our zone who I guess had an investigator get a little too attached to her. We miss the other dearly, but it’s all good.

It thunderstormed this week. I made sister miles bask in it with me. One of the greatest moments of the transfer. it smelled so much like Virginia. Also, I rode in a car with air conditioning, and it made me homesick Hahira. Funny what gets ya out here

Anyways, that’s about all for now. Have a great week PEACE AND BLESSINGS

Sister J

july 15 2013 (1)


There are two missionaries from our ward serving in Portugal — Jenna and Elder Gardner.  Thanks to E. Gardner’s mom for sharing this photo.


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