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July 24, 2013 by jennaljackson

Dear all, 

HAPPY FIVE MONTHIVERSARY TO ME!! So weird. If someone told me when I came here they had 5 months on the mission I’d be like wow you must be perfect and fluent and know everything. I still feel like I know nothing, but at the same time have learned so much. anyway. SoooOOooooOOOO this week was FULL of ups and downs. Being a missionary is so emotionally tiring sometimes…getting your hopes up for someone/something/anyone/anything and then o diabo comes around and just smashes them down in the dirt. dramatic….but what can I say. But someone once told me that there’s opposition in all things and hey the dirt smashed hopes make the successes and fun times that much sweeter. 

My big adventure of the week was going down to Lisboa to get formal residency! Basically, I used a day and a half and countless hours on buses and trains (well not countless, I just counted, it was 10) to put a fingerprint on a piece of paper in a Lisbon mall. Well alright. Basically I feel like the trip was a sweet sweet blessing from above because I got to hang out with sister brooks (my mtc companion) for like AT LEAST 8 hours!! We giggled and took tourist photo booth pictures in the bus station and generally had the best of times. And the good news is that I’m legal now and don’t have to go home to Canada for a transfer like my OTHER mtc companion. lolz, #canadians. 

Chaves–we still don’t have a house, which is funny because now sister m and I take turns sleeping in the world’s creakiest bed which makes for kind of stressful and sleep free nights. We ran into this super cool Angolan kid in the street, so hopefully that goes somewhere. Our Brazilians and families unfortunately are busy and don’t want to spend time with us at our convenience. How rude. But we’ll keep trying! It’s interesting to be splitting our time still, I feel like our work is suffering in both areas but that’s for sure just my fault. I know there’s a way…I just need to find it. We had a BOMB lesson with Andrea and Joao this week and they were sooooo ready to come to church, Andrea actually read in the book of Mormon and Joao said a great prayer. But then the next day they fed us the same story about how their mom won’t let them go because of the other church. So…..as the raconteurs would say…….steady as she goes. 2006 flashback! We’ll keep working little by little. Just gotta have faith that if the Lord wants the church in Chaves, he wants more than 5 people at church and he’ll make it happen. 

Vila Real–with so much traveling and Chaves, we basically only have Mario and Fafa progressing right now. The sad thing is that Mario’s depression and insomnia have gotten a LOT worse these past few weeks and he’s super sad which makes it hard for him to build faith, when he has lost all hope of being happy. But he continues to come to church, read the book of mormon every day, and try to pray so I think he’s building faith and hope even if he doesn’t realize it. We love him so much and don’t want to leave him, but it’s hard to know if he’s progressing towards baptism or not. Jorge is still basically the coolest. Everyone loves him. Last week he told us that an old girlfriend of his, well he actually just said WOMAN but she came and wanted him back but said he had to choose her or the church. and he was like I CHOSE THE CHURCH. freaking love him. 

I realize I don’t write about sister m too much but she really is great. We have been building lots more unity these past 2 weeks. Our comp inventory this week ended in her breaking out of Portuguese into English and saying ‘freak, you’re so funny.’ so, needless to say, one of the better comp inventories I’ve had. Also, she wrote me a rap. Also on my mission birthday she gave me a present of 3 pieces of cereal that didn’t get broken apart by the machine, you know like when you get a huge piece of cinnamon toast crunch? So that was basically all a girl could ask for. It’s good times. 

Love you everyone! I’ll keep praying for you if you keep praying for me DEAL??

Sister J


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