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August 2, 2013 by jennaljackson

But we are messing with being broke broke. …no really, we have no money, so that’s funny lololz. With endless trips to Porto, Lisboa, and Chaves it really cleaned us out. We’re not even going shopping today. oops. Already used like 30 euros of dinheiro pessoal. oops. Maybe I’ll do like they tell Utah missionaries to do and go ‘faith shopping’ and wait for a mysterious member to pay for my groceries before I get through the line! ………………hahahahahahahah oh the dreams of being a temple square sister. I tell yaw

This week was endddlesss running around like normal. They switched the schedule for our church so now our weekend is like this. Go up to Chaves super early in the morning Saturday. Come back at night. Go to church in Vila Real in the morning. Go to Chaves AGAIN 10 minutes after church ends. Church in Chaves. Come back on the bus 20 minutes after church ends. I used to like bus rides for thinking time. Now….I’m just glad I don’t get bus sick.

We had a super cool experience this week in Vila Real when we were on our way to visit someone and these two 20 year old girls stopped us and were like where are you from? So we started talking to them and then oh so suavely turned it into a contact (it was not suave, I said, well we have a message about God, do you guys believe in Him?) but it turned out they were super open and had a ton of good questions. The one girl was like, I would really like to believe, and I think it could make me a lot happier. YES YES IT CAN. When we started talking about how God loves us and how we can always pray to Him she up and starts crying! I feel a little mean sometimes that I get so excited when people cry. When we asked if we could say a prayer with them they jumped at the chance. like ‘YES we were really needing that right now!’ I’ve actually never had anyone react like that before and it was a nice change haha. After the prayer they were like CAN WE GIVE YOU HUGS???? Which one, okay awesome, and two, no one gives hugs in Portugal so it was the greatest ever! The one girl said ‘it seems like it was God who sent you to us’ and I said………yep. We got the chance to testify to them that they really are daughters of Heavenly Father who loves them, and the spirit was incredibly. I always think of the young women theme and how it is so crazy that I grew up saying those words every week and not even understanding how life-changing and rare that simple knowledge is. We’re talking to them again tomorrow. Not a baptism or anything, just a street contact, but it’s experiences like that that keep you going. I really am coming to understand our purpose as helping others to come unto Christ. Sometimes we spend ten or fifteen minutes on a person who in the end won’t accept another appointment, but I can still see that their faith increased and that they believe that much more that God exists, and that makes me feel like I made a difference, however small.

We also had an awesome first lesson with our Angolan friend! We just randomly started taking a walk around Chaves and stopped at these benches in the middle of a field overlooking the mountains and did the restoration. Definitely the most picturesque telling of the first vision I’ve ever done. The other cool thing is that his sister lives in Vila Real right by us so we can contact her this week! He is super open. His parents passed away awhile ago and he’s been living on his own and I know the gospel can bless his life tons if he just will let it.

My spiritual thought for this week was truly an answer to prayers and a great comfort to me when I was in a low point over Chaves. It’s D&C 64 32-33: ‘But all things must come to pass in their time. Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great.’ I know that in Chaves that things will take time, no matter how much I don’t want them to. We’re laying the foundation. We’re going to have to go about doing good the best we can and have faith that it will bear fruit one day. Small things. To continue the golddigger reference, we gon make it to a benz out of that datsun. gospel wise.

Funnies…it’s just always hilarious when people speak English. Idk why. Like after the other sisters baptism this recent convert comes up to us holding a bouquet, shows it to us, says PINK FLOWERS really loud and really proud of himself and walks away. You have to believe me that it was hilarious. Also we were doing strange talents and one of our elders made his face go REALLY red and sister miles can shake her eyes, so that really bonded us as a district. I licked my elbow which thankfully no one can ever top. #mutant

Transfers this week!! Should I stay or should I go?????? How many missionaries have made that too easy clash reference before? There’s literally no way of knowing. Oh the suspense! Ill let you know how it goes.

Peace and blessings all!

Sister Jackson


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