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August 5, 2013 by jennaljackson

So guess what?  I ACTUALLY LEFT MY AREA!!! I was completely shocked. Well, not comPLETELY, but I didn’t think it would happen. There were so many crazy things that when my DL called me he said, “All right, so this COULD be true, but the zone leaders could also call me in five minutes and tell me it’s a joke.” Basically what happened is my old area closed and combined with the other sisters’ in Vila Real, so it’s just one dupla there now and CHAVES GOT ELDERS!!!! I’m so happy. Slightly bittersweet, because I sorta wanted to be the one after all that ordeal, but I know for sure that it’s for the best. They split the district. Three sisters of VR got transferred and the one who stayed only has 3 weeks there and now she has to figure out everything! So it’s crazy. But turns out it wasn’t a joke it was totes true. 

I got transferred to Gaia and am doing what they call pinkwashing, so we are whitewashing an area that used to belong to Elders. Gaia is a part of Porto so I’m staying in the same zone, but it’s in the middle of a big city and there’s a nice solid ward so it is quite difference from whence I came. Now if I suck as a missionary I’ll know it’s my fault and not my circumstances, hahaha. I’m senior comp-ing to Sister Travis, who has one transfer less than me. I’m nervous to whitewash but not as nervous as I was to train. I think that no transfer call can ever be worse than that one so I’m basically set forever. 

This week was actually really cool in Vila Real and I was sadder to leave than I thought I would be. There’s this random family we always teach in the cafe they own and they have a 70-ish year old friend that sits in sometimes. This week they were busy so we taught him alone and we found out he’s like incredibly elect…he had really read the entire first lesson pamphlet and understood it and agreed! That’s rare here. And he is looking for the BOM he has in his house and is super down to come to church. Just goes to show you never know whom the Lord has prepared. 

It was a wonderful last week with Sister Miles. We had some nice discussions, such as what famous person we would be if we could choose. She chose fat amy, I chose Hillary Clinton. Says a lot about us. Our last comp inventory went like this: ‘isso é fácil. eu não gosto de ti.’ and she said ‘YOU’RE TACKY AND I HATE YOU’ and then we laughed for 5 minutes. Our unity sure got better when we started speaking english. #oops. I also learned a cool new phrase from our 75-year-old woman friend with a sailor mouth: pedaço do homem. It’s supposed to refer to a good-looking guy (he’s a good-looking guy!!! anyone? bmw? anyone?) and literally translates to ‘piece of man.’ I almost died laughing. She swears a lot and I can tell because she always apologizes for it but I can’t tell what the swear words are. So nice to be ignorant. 

Anyway, I literally know nothing about my area, I have never been to my house, I don’t know one single person but IT’S GONNA BE GREAT. I feel happy. I feel excited. I feel ready to do a lot of work. Also we’re in the same district as my leprechaun zone leader so that’s gonna be magically delicious.  

Fica bem, mundo! 

Sister J


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