Gypsies, Sicksies, and Fake Ray Bans‏

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August 23, 2013 by jennaljackson

Hiiiiii again from Gaia! This week was sort of up and down. The worst part about it was that my comp got sick with heat exhaustion/migraine/we’re not really sure but she was sick so we had to stay in the house for like 2.5 days and do nothing. It was the worst. I mean, she couldn’t help it, but it was the worst. I’m not even sure what I did. I started reading the bible dictionary which ended up being pretty intriguing. Learned some nice facts about the Aaronic Priesthood and the Abrahamic Covenant that I never knew before. But now that she’s better I’m doing my learning ON THE STREETS. It’s a lot better. I tried to save the fogo bottled up inside me during those few days. When we did weekly planning I hadn’t talked to anyone for 2 days and I think we may have made some pretty umm ambitious goals. BUT WE WILL CONSEGUIR. 

The OTHER bad news is that Camila decided to go on vacation with her family for 2 weeks, so the baptismal date we marked won’t happen. We re-marked for September, but it’s always difficult when you don’t see people for that long. But she’s for sure progressing and has a desire, so I maintain faith. We met a cool guy this week, Fernando, who we’ve been beginning to teach. He’s a single dad with a 2 year old son who is so cute. He’s been sort of annoyed with God in the recent past, but he wants to improve his faith and his life and the life of his son. We’re gonna teach him in about 2 hours, so wish us luck! We’ve found a few more cool people here. I love the people so much. It seems so friendly. So open. The ward is incredible. I had a dream that we got transfer calls in the middle of the transfer and they were transferring me and in my dream I got so angry that I wasn’t going to be able to stay haha. Even my subconscious likes it in Gaia. 

Today we went to an ENORMOUS gypsy fair with our district. It was incredible. So big. I bought fake ray ban clubmasters, which I totally can’t use, but they were 5 bucks so I yolo-ed. Just a year to wait. It was insane and reminded me of Narayapon (???) in thailand, just miles and miles of little stands with very little organization at all. It was amazing. People are pretty racist against the ciganos here, but hey, they seem to like the fairs, so whateva. 

Time is short. The gypsies stole away almost all of our pday. I love you all so much!

Sister J  


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