Six months? Seems legit‏

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August 31, 2013 by jennaljackson


1. HAPPY SIX MONTHIVERSARY TO ME. One third of the mish is gone. It’s crazy. Its nuts. #babypleasedontgoooooooo no really it’s a reality check and I got so much more stuff to do. Definitely starting to love the mish and realizing what all the hullaballoo was about

2. If you want to email me the address is We’ve had more than one mix-up because jenna.jackson is someone else. Sorry I don’t have a unique name. just a lil psa and not so subtle plea for new mail. haha! No not really a joke though

Soooo this week we……found new investigators! All week! It was chill because my comp got through (almost) the whole week without having to stay in. Only a few hours of despondency this time. It was not chill because errbody kept ditching our appointments. But that’s okay! Finding is fun here. Plus we have no idea what doors have already been knocked recently or what people have already been contacted, so there’s a fun element of surprise. (‘YOUR OTHER FRIENDS WERE ALREADY HERE. LEAVE US ALONE’)

The best thing…we went to visit this recent convert/less active this week, Maria. She’s 17 and super cool. She reads the BOM every day and prays super well, just struggles to get up for church. But we visited her twice and the second time we got to meet her 14 year old sister, Patricia. We were watching a general conference talk for YW and she comes in and sits and listens super attentively. So we invited her to our next lesson and to church and she accepted both, and then we got them BOTH to sacrament meeting this week! They took awhile to get cute so we were a little late, but hey. Counts as a victory. Also, we made a large black man cry with our prayer on the street. That was chill. But his cell phone has been turned off since. NOT chill. Also, no idea why I’m using the word chill so much, it’s not usually a habit I have. My life is bro anyoneeee??? 

We have one investigator who is 16 and loves speaking English and video games and whenever we say something about the gospel he likes he gets this hilarious facial expression and says ‘seems legit.’ he IS a meme. 

Another interesting night was when we visited this menos ativo….VERY menos as we discovered he hasn’t been to church in 10 years. But he cares for his super old mom who has Alzheimer’s (I think?) who is actually the coolest lady in the world. When we knocked on the door she looks through the peephole and goes ITS THE ELDERS! (common misconception) and lets us in and says come in. SIT WITH ME. and we all sit down on the couch and she just goes IM COLD and throws one leg over Sister Travis’s and snuggles on up. She kept on interrupting her visit by telling Sister Travis HOLD ME. I was kinda jealous that she liked Sister Travis so much more, but mostly trying soooo hard not to crack up. She’s too yolo for me to get very mad. May have screamed out a curse word randomly a time or two, but in general, a very loving woman. 

Well, august ends this week, everyone comes back into town, and we’re stoked to get teaching without all this vacation business messing everything up. So hopefully my next email I have more exciting investigator news. For now….just want to bear my testimony of something I get to tell people every day. God exists. He loves you. He hears your prayers and cares. He sent His son to save you, and His gospel is restored. We are all too lucky to know these things. 

stay cool

don’t change

sister j. 


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