Secret handshakes, DJ Clown, and a Stray Cat Strut‏

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September 3, 2013 by jennaljackson


This week? Seems like it’s been years. But it was really good too! 

-we contacted and taught an old man as he walked around the old catholic church ruins at the foot of the river and fed the colonies of stray cats that live there with free meat from butchers’ shops. it was indie. (he doesn’t live in our area) (tears)

-a man that we ride the bus with every night passed us on the street, so I tried to contact him. he wouldn’t pray with us, but he taught us a secret Angolan handshake that you only use for friends and ends with pounding your chest with your fist. In all, I was not disappointed with the interaction. Also, he’s white. I figured you guys wouldn’t assume that unless I told you, so just for the correct visual. (he doesn’t live in our area) (tears)

-a 19 year old kid that we taught last week and had another appointment with this week texted US to confirm and we had a super cool lesson! He believes in God because of a motorcycle accident he had that left him in a coma for 3 months and he believes in family so much. (so much that he got a tattoo of his nieces’ names….but we will overlook that) He’s a dj, like a real one, that travels around. He holidays in Dubai sometimes. That’s what I love about Portugal, like one minute you’re contacting the 19 year old dj (name: DJ Clown) with an iphone and you can walk 2 seconds and run into someone who raises goats. It’s a country that doesn’t really know what it is, except that it’s Portugal. 

-Camila, our little Brazilian nugget of an investigator, finally came to church this week!! SHE WOKE UP! it was truly a miracle. She is on track to get baptized next week so pray for her, we are super excited. 

-Hassy, a man from Sri Lanka that we ran into, has been placed in our path a lot this week. He is Buddhist, but we are helping him to know Christ. It’s incredible the difference he feels from what we’re teaching. He knows that we’re representatives of God. It’s just so cool. Don’t write anyone off!

Those are all the awesome funny crazy cool experiences we had this week. I had a bunch personally too, just in studies or whatnot, that affirmed to me that truly this is Christ’s church on the earth, that I’m here with His message and that the Prophet and the Apostles speak the words of God. You are all incredible! Be excellent to each other! Believe in your dreams!

Sister J

ps. pictures next week….I promise. 

pps. one thousand points to anyone who recognizes the song in the subject line. 

Below are a couple of photos from a YW mini-mission event that Jenna helped with:ImageImage


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