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September 10, 2013 by jennaljackson


-Camila got BAPTIZED!!!! She honestly became so much more elect this week. She started reading diligently from the Book of Mormon, began calling the church ‘our church’ and really just making progress. She wore a SKIRT to the baptism. Afterwards, she told us that she was never taking a shower again because no water can ever be as clean as the water she was just in. Well, yeah, okay! But honestly it was such an incredible experience to be a part of and I know that she has been and will continue to be changed by this gospel. Also, did I mention she’s almost a midget? Attached is a photo of us kneeling down next to her standing up. And a picture of her, well, being her. I LOVE HER. She gave me some Brazilian money with a cute little note written on it, and she’s like, yeah I know you’ll keep this forever and read it all the time to feel good. She’s not wrong.Image


-This week we started teaching the cutest little 12 year old girl, Denise. She was part of this huge group of teenagers we all contacted and prayed with the other week. We invited them all to church and no one showed up, then we go back the next week and she’s like I tried to go to church when you said but there was no one there!! It was the wrong church. But she came with us this week and to the baptism as well. We gave her the BOM and 2 days later the first few pages were totally marked up and studied and the pamphlet as well. If her parents let her, she will be baptized for sure. She loves our planners and started carrying around a little notebook with a pen sticking out to copy us haha. Also, she loves to tickle me, which for whoever knows me, is actually a problem and I did a lot of squealing in church. I’ll suffer for her conversion, whatevs.  

-my favorite contact this week was definitely hands down Hector. He’s just this guy who when we passed started talking to us in English so yeah, we contacted him. Turns out he’s a 29 year old professional fighter from Mexico. He’s living in Lisbon for a few months. I told him I knew a Mexican elder serving here and he was like WHO IS HE. WHAT’S HIS NAME. WHERE’S HE FROM. ONE PHONE CALL AND I ALREADY KNOW WHO HE IS. So that was hilarious. And then he tells me the area where he’s living and it’s the EXACT same area as the Mexican elder, who is an office elder so I have permission to call him! So I call him up and give the elder the reference on the spot, and then Hector like grabs the telemovel out of my hand and starts talking away in Spanish and it was generally a good time. He started out using the formal you but by the end of 2 minutes he was saying ‘tu’ and telling him he loved him and exchanged contacts. Miracles. Mexican miracles. The subject line were his parting words to us. #deepthoughts 

-We were so.blessed. this week. We ended up having EIGHT people at church. More than I’ve ever had! It’s such a cool thing to see when people are willing to put their faith into action and come to the Lord’s house to learn about and worship Him. There is just nothing that can replace the experience or spirit of actually coming to Sacrament meeting. 

-One progessing investigator we have is named Joao. He is 20 years old, has super long curly hair, and loves Slayer. He’s cool because he has taken advantage of the fact that we’re not fluent in Portuguese and helps us teach him. Like when we’re making a point from the book of Mormon, he’ll be like, I don’t think you want to use verse 20 to prove that point. I think verse 17 works better. And in my mind I’m like…….no, yeah, I really did want to use verse 20 but hey if you wanna teach yourself so much the better! It’s awesome.  

-We couldn’t meet with Hassy, our Hindu investigator, this whole week because of work. It was sad because he wanted to come to church but got called in at the last second. Pray for him that we can teach him! He needs the gospel so much!

YOU ALL ARE AMAZING!!!!! This work is amazing! The gospel is true and necessary. Keep on being excellent. 

Sister J


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