I’m going down….literally?

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September 18, 2013 by jennaljackson


I got transferred. 
Soooo long story short, I am writing this email on tuesday because I spent all yesterday on an 8 hour journey from the North of Portugal in Gaia to the extreeeeeme South, a town called Lagos in the Algarve zone. Also, I’m sister training leader. Haha whaaaat? You could say the news came as somewhat of a surprise, considering we whitewashed Gaia and I was senior comp there. We got the transfer calls while we were actually with the zone leaders at a member’s for dinner. Wasn’t even paying attention until my comp looks at their notes and goes umm….you’re leaving. I said NO. she said YES. I verified and then sat on the floor and went numb. The other zone leader goes ‘wow….transfer shafted.’ So, that basically sums it up hahahaha. Nah it’s cool. I mean I didn’t want to leave Gaia….at all….and even after just six weeks leaving felt like cutting out a little piece of my heart. But I guess I’m needed down here, and my old comp was needed to train! The good news is that the lucky little greenie is gonna come in with a baptism on her first week because we marked Denise last week! When we asked, she started crying, hugged us, and said I WAS WAITING FOR YOU TO ASK ME. If only that happened every time, haha. A bummer to leave her and all our other cool investigators, but I’ll go where you want me to go, or something. 
Reasons why this is cool:
1. karma for telling everyone and their mother that I wanted to spend the winter in the Algarve because I can’t handle the cold. 
2. I’m serving with Sister Silva, my sick cabo verdean that I lived with for 3 transfers in Vila Real. It’s nice to come into a new companionship with very little I need to get used to. Plus she’s like a bomb missionary. Plus it’s also karma for how much english I spoke last transfer with my comp. Stoked to get back on the Portuguese train. 
3. I finally get to ACTUALLY SERVE BY THE OCEAN. It’s pretty nautical here, so you know I’m happy. 
4. The weather. Just, the weather. 
5. STL means I get to show everyone that I’m like, such an AWESOME MISSIONARY. haha nahhhttt, I basically have no idea what I’m doing but I’m stoked to get to do divisions and meet lots of new sisters and learn from them. 
It’s gonna be interesting because there are like hundreds of billions of tourists in the streets so we’ll have to see how street contacting will work out. We have a little branch of about 30 or so and one of the Elders is the branch president. But Sister Silva and I both feel that this area has lots of potential and people ready for us and we’re ready to go out there and do work!  I was reading the talk by Eyring ‘we are one’ (i think that’s what it is in english) and felt the spirit so strongly that even though this is that tiny distant group that he talks about in the end, as the members and the missionaries work in unity and in the spirit of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we will always find hearts that will be touched by His gospel of peace. I am sad to leave Gaia but I left with a distinct feeling that I put everything I had on the table and I am ready to do it again. Since I’ve only been working here for like 4 hours, I don’t have much to update, but I promise to let you know in the next email 🙂
Fiquem bem. Amo vocês. 
Sister J

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