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September 25, 2013 by jennaljackson


It’s been a crazy week! But a good one. I’m loving it here. Haven’t started any of my official STL duties yet so I’ll have to update you when I start that. 

The week’s gone up and down up and down here. We marked two people for baptism! But then only one showed up to church, and you could say he didn’t have the time of his life. Due to the ghetto nature of our chapel he could not hear the sacrament talks, nor the sunday school lesson because there is no door in the doorway between us and the primary. He said he’s never coming back. WE’LL SEE ABOUT THAT. But he said he’s gonna read the book of mormon every night until he finishes, so that’s good news. I know that the power of the LDM will soften his heart. It always does. 

The finding is soooooo difficult here because the center of the city is JUST tourists, mostly from England or Germany and the people don’t like to answer the door. But we’re getting there. Even though we felt like our week was hard, we ended with good numbers and I know the Lord is blessing us. Not to boast but Sister Silva and I are having some crazy good times, so much unity that she told me I have the spirit of a pretax (black girl.) Anne Fiala, if you are reading this, be proud. 

We eat at this crazy cabo verdean member’s house literally every day. Yeah, seems weird but we pay her so many euros a week and she feeds us and loves us. Not literally crazy, crazy in a good way. Also I’m totally learning creole from Sister Silva and all the cabo verdeans we teach. It’s easy to understand but mostly I can only say three things: I adore you, How are you, and You’re annoying. You’d be amazed how far you can get with only those. For instance, when someone says something they know you won’t understand just to be funny you just go YOU’RE ANNOYING. all-purpose creole fun. And she’s using all her favorite English phrases, which are, like a boss, HIP HIP (insert anything here), your mom, and whatever combo of those she can think of. 

Also I want everyone reading this to be able to enjoy this story Dad sent me about my great great grandfather: ‘I remember Dad telling us about he and Uncle Bill killing a large bear up in the OquirrahMountains.  They had the hide tanned and a rug made out of it.’

my ancestors are




Also, I found my motto for the transfer in the Lorenzo Snow manual. Something amazing that he said about Christ’s direction to His apostles to feed His sheep. He said: “Feed my sheep.” That is, “Go forth with your whole heart, be devoted wholly to my cause. These people in the world are my brethren and sisters. My feelings are exercised towards them. Take care of my people. Feed my flock. Go forth and preach the gospel. I will reward you for all your sacrifices. Do not think that you can make too great a sacrifice in accomplishing this work.” 

Not to be a typical missionary, but it’s actually better in Portuguese. The translators knew what they were doing. Anyway, I know that every soul is of great worth to God and that is why we’re all out here, every missionary, serving for Christ. Sometimes we get competitive within the mission, or jealous of those in Africa or Brazil or California who are baptizing like crazy but the truth is we are all united in the feeding of Christ’s sheep and the hastening of His work. Members as much as missionaries. Em fim, Lorenzo Snow knows what he’s talking about and we all should try to feed a sheep or two every day, nao é?

Love you all. 

Sister J 


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