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October 1, 2013 by jennaljackson


Sorry. obligatory. had to be done.


So, I’m basically super old! On Tuesday, the day of all days, I…..did missionary work to celebrate. Also when we had lunch with a member they may have bought ice cream and turned on Billie Jean by MJ (because of the Jackson thing) and the elders and member may have danced for us and one of our elders may have done air guitar on a baguette. Is it still air guitar if it’s on a baguette? baguette guitar? get back to me. But it was basically the best mission birthday a girl could ask for. SooOOooo, instead of the normal langalanga, decided in the spirit of the season I’d hit you guys up with 22 things I’ve learned so far. It’ll probably be TL;DR for most of you but here goes anyway. 

1. The church is true.

2. The mission passes quickly, even if your first week (month, transfer) you don’t think it will ever end. Take advantage.

3. European men really are creepier than American ones. Sorry. Gotta be honest on this one. 

4. That thing about the Lord qualifies whom He calls, it’s really true. If you have to do something such as train after six weeks, welp you might not be the best trainer in the world but it’ll be okay because the Lord won’t stunt the growth of your greenie just cuz you’re totally incapable. He’ll make you capable ENOUGH. 

5. No matter how much the world whines about cultural imperialism, until they sell peanut butter in grocery stores and have carpet in houses, they’re still nowhere close to fully copying the us of a. merica

6. Fasting seriously seriously works when you do it right. 

7. Future missionaries…guess what! Having a companion totally isn’t as bad as you think it’s gonna be. It’s actually kinda cool. 

8. Another thing that’s not that bad is getting up early in the morning. Something that is that bad….doing exercises right after you get up early in the morning. Hardestpartofmydaywhaatttt

9. When in the MTC, you SHOULD stress about learning your language. Yeah, the Spirit will help testify even through broken Portuguese, but you gotta be saying something for him to help you. 

10. You can wear Sperrys on your mission. And you should. Even if in Portugal they’re only man shoes. REPP THE EAST COAST EVEN IF NO ONE GETS IT. 

11. The field is white everywhere. Don’t let anyone tell you your area is hard. Even if it is, you have to serve there anyway. You might as well have faith. 

12. Don’t be self-conscious to over-love. Everyone. Your comps, the members, the investigators. The food. What? Even if the Portuguese people are weirdos and don’t know how to express their love, expressing yours works wonders. Shoutout to sister brookz for teaching me about this one early on. #ilovelove

13. If you pray to go to Portugal, the Lord might just send you there. You made your bed. 

14. Do all the stupid missionary things and traditions. You’re gonna be here for awhile, you might as well get totally into it.

15. In the end, it’s all about the Atonement. Nothing brings the spirit like testifying that God loves us so much that He sent His son to suffer and die so that we can be cleansed from sin and return to Him. 

16. I love English. No really. I never understood how beautiful English is. We have so many words! Other languages just don’t HAVE the words we have. We have chuckle, chortle, giggle, snicker, guffaw. They have….laugh. English. So beautiful. 

17. Don’t be timid. Walk out the door every day like whaddup I got a big calling. Sorry, is that too inappropriate? Yes. Sorry. Already typed it. But it’s true! Don’t feel like you’re incommodating people by preaching to them their eternal salvation. 

18. Find out your comp’s sense of humor and play to it. Nothing like a comp that thinks you’re hilarious. 

19. Obedience…..just……obedience. 

20. Milk you don’t have to refrigerate tastes just about as worthless as it sounds. 

21. Sarcasm doesn’t translate. Neither do the words awkward or wonder. It’s hard. 

22. Missionary work is SO much more possible than we think it is growing up. We just need to get ride of the fear, the mental block, and invite the people we know to do something. Also, for anyone out there considering a mission (laaaadies), there are things you learn here that it’d be pretty hard to learn anywhere else. It’s worth it. Trust me. 

Anyway, that’s enough for now. Hope you laughed and then cried because I’m like sooo spiritual now. Ha. The news for this week is that we marked someone for next Sunday, we have general conference coming up, and we start our official duties as STLs this week! divisions on divisions! Have a great week everyone!

Sister Jackson  


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