Happy Canadian Thanksgiving from Portugal and eight months to me!‏

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October 28, 2013 by jennaljackson


Another week bopping around Portugal’s nether regions. We spent 4 wonderful days in our own area, 1 in Loule (in the Algarve) 1 in Evora (more north and they have a church there made out of skeletons) and 1 on buses and trains. It’s kinda tiring but awesome to get to know all the other sisters and see how the mission is working all around Portugal. 
Our investigator, Fatima, is still progressing and coming to church and knows it’s true but we just need to be able to MARK HER (again) and help her quit coffee so plz pray for her!
Random news…
We didn’t have a funnel in our house to get rid of the oil in our frying pan so I tried to make a ghetto one and long story short I destroyed my left pointer with a serrated knife. 
I passed my EIGHT MONTH ANNIVERSARY YESTERDAY! Only ten more. No one warned me that time passes on a mission except everyone who said TIME PASSES SO QUICKLY but I just never believed them. Time does pass so quickly! And missions are so cool! That is all. 
We met an elect woman in a really weird way…when she called us from her husband’s phone, a man we contacted in the street to tell us that we shouldn’t take the numbers of married men and try and make appointments with them. Oops. But she said if you want to talk to ME that’s fine. So we talked to her and she was still a little bit jealous but then we suavely turned it into the first lesson and even before we finished she’s like that’s fine for you to tell me all this, but I’m looking for the right church and we all just need to get on our knees and ask God if this is the right path and if it’s true. 
We said….yep
So that was funny. 
I FOUND AN ELECT!!!! (translation to english: WHAT IS THE TRUTH? Oh to find people who would shout that at us from their windows. and then believe us once we told them. 
love from portugal, 
Sister Jackson
ps. transfers before my next letter..we know i get transferred every six weeks now so here’s hoping i head back north to serve with sister brooks again 🙂 pray for us y’all!

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