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November 2, 2013 by jennaljackson



You’re hearing from me on Wednesday because I had to come up to Lisbon these last few days and never got to do email…not because I got transferred because I got a new comp and I had to pick her up along with…….


Yeah. so, I might be the first sister to drive ever in the history of the Portugal Lisbon mission. that is if I ever learn how to drive stick. it’s been a little rough so far but I have one more lesson and a test tomorrow before I take it by myself to the Algarve. I’m sorry what??? it’s funny because I was always the sister that was like, thank goodness no sisters drive because people are crazy here. Karmaaaa! Carma? sorry. basically I’m getting it so we don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of time on public transportation for our divisions and also so we can visit the far-spread members of our branch. It’s gonna be an adventure and even though I never wanted this, the street cred is pretty cool. Except for that bajillions of other sisters drive in the world. but for HERE it’s cool.

My new comp’s name is Sister Blanco and she’s Brazilian and amazing!! From what I heard she talks to EVERYONE and is an incredible missionary. She’s also affectionate and likes to nuzzle me. Usually I wouldn’t like it, but with a Brazilian it’s just somehow okay.

Our investigators are still doing well, we found a super cool family to teach that I hope can progress well. The dad came to church this weekend which is great to get the family on the path, and our little baby branch needs families more than anything else! I know that sister Blanco will help me learn tons and tons and that her testimony will help touch our investigators in new ways.

In other news, the wound on my finger closed up nicely around yesterday but there’s still a weird bump..stay tuned

We had a siiiick halloween party where our branch president (elder staples) may or may not have taught everyone how to stanky leg..and I may or may not have helped

And that’s about it. pray for me not to die or crash. love you all with all my heart!

Sister Jackson

Photo: I FOUND AN ELECT!!!! (translation to english: WHAT IS THE TRUTH? Oh to find people who would shout that at us from their windows. and then believe us once we told them.


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