Lagos pegando FOGO

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November 15, 2013 by jennaljackson


Not too much has happened since you all last heard from me considering I spent the week basically in Lisbon learning how to drive stick and arrived in my area Thursday night and then we had zone meeting on Friday. Update on driving: the car turns off LESS at random times in the middle of the road, and I can get up hills now. (sometimes) But also, the elders felt it was a waste that we weren’t using the car every day in our area (because it’s absolutely ridiculous and we don’t need to) and they called president and now we’re doing a share with them hahaha. Which basically means, they will use it. IT WAS COOL WHILE IT LASTED.

The good news! Sister Blanco is so cool and she likes to have deep existential discussions about Life and The Mission which have made our comp studies pretty interesting haha. She also hugs every.single.person. that we meet. Well, the female ones. For awhile I was like should I be doing this too? But then I decided it’s her thing and I’ll just stick to beijinhos. That was already a pretty big step for me. She’s bringing an awesome new perspective to the investigators we have and we are catching SO MUCH FOGO together to help this area explode like we know it should. Our new Elder/BP is also awesome and is going to help us get a vision here with specific goals to not just dunk whoever but to really help the branch with sustainable growth. Considering we had 18 people in church yesterday where 4 were missionaries and 3 members who only speak English, we need to get going and fast. 

Fatima basically re accepted to be baptized!! Now the only problem is she might have to move to another part of Portugal for work. So pray for her that she can stay here..not so I can have a baptism or anything (of course not) but because she wants to and because her kids are here and because our branch needs her. Thanks champs. 

Also, while I was in the office I looked at all the missionary cards and I realized that SisterBrooks and I are literally the only missionaries in the huge gigantic Portugal Lisbon mission from the east coast. That is sad. 

Love you all. You bring feeling to my life. You’re the inspiration. 

Sister Jackson 


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