SO CONSECRATED that i only email once every two weeks

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November 21, 2013 by jennaljackson


Sorry it’s been two weeks. We sort of ran out of time to do internet last week considering we were frolicking around huge rock cliffs on the beach…again. If you wondered, last Monday was some sort of weird Portuguese holiday in which there is some story about a saint, and so everyone eats roasted chestnuts and there is always a random hot day of sun in the middle of autumn. The sun (which really did happen) and chestnuts have nothing to do with the saint story. Classic Portugal. 

In investigator news, we found this awesome guy Julio who I’d already contacted once before but he didn’t seem to interested, but this week we contacted him again, invited him to church, and he showed up and loved it! We talked to him after and he said ‘agora eu vou la sempre.’ (now I will always go there!) So we were pretty stoked on that. We’re gonna mark him this week, pray for us!! He got really excited for the hymns haha. He has trouble reading, but he said not to worry, he’ll just sit next to one of us and learn them by ear. So precious. 

Our miracles this week have come in the way of less actives. One day we did three street contacts in a row who were ALL BAPTIZED MEMBERS who I’d never met nor heard of. And considering the church is tiny here, that’s not something that just happens. Two here in Lagos like 15 years ago and one in Lisbon. They are all potential priesthood holders and all expressed interest in coming back. One even offered to help us find the houses of other people who have become less active so that we can visit. We have been trying to create a vision for our area, and it was a pretty clear answer from Pai Celestial that we need to work on strengthening those who have fallen away. The rest of this transfer we’re going after the ovelhas. 

We had interviews this week which are always interesting and I never know what to expect and I always come out basically just as confused as when I went in but President is still incredible and knows all. The exciting news is on the 30th we have a huuuuge mega zone conference with Timothy Dyches from the 70 and it will be all the spiritual and also I will get to see SISTER MILES and lots of other franzz. win win. 

Peace everyone…peace and love



1. first day with the wheelz hashtag yikes

2. sister blanco and I frolic 

3. I bless the rains down in Africa.

PS. also I feel the need to reply to this for everyone and apologize that I used the wrong to/too. If you can’t find where, so much the better for me.

Let’s blame it on the Portuguese mmk.




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