WHOOOAAAAA we’re halfway there.‏

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December 2, 2013 by jennaljackson

whoa. oh. living on so many prayers.

First of all, sorry world, discovered that I totes stole sister brooks’ subject line. but I thought of it during the week before I knew and now it’s much too late to think of something else. so…..yeah, #unoriginal.

BUT SECOND OF ALL HEY GUESS WHAT IM ACTUALLY HALFWAY DONE WITH MY MISSION. wut? On my divisions this week the youngin sisters were like is that so weird? did it go by so quickly? I’m still not sure whether it did or not, to be honest it feels like an etenity and 5 minutes all at the same time but hey the cool news is I’m over the hump and hopefully I’m just gonna get more and more eficaz from  here on out!!! Usually the sisters take a pic where they pretend they’re pregnant to commemorate (aka 9 months to the giving birth of normal life) but I was on the divisão and also I forgot. Next week. Stay tuned.

LAGOS. It’s cool. We marked Julio for baptism for this next weekend! He’s the coolest. He knows our recent convert, Maria, and they sat together and had a grand old time at church which is good because in Lagos the missionaries don’t have time to fellowship too much…considering we’re always giving the lessons in Primary or youth or Sunday school or whatever. But anyway, pray for him! He has lots of family here too that we’re still trying to meet and teach! Also our investigator Fatima from awhile ago who lost her job…well we prayed for her so hard that now she has 3 and no time to talk to us or come to church. careful what you pray forrr. loljk. but the good thing is my comp is insanely sensitive to the spirit and we keep contacting these people on the street who are crazy elect, and our pool of potentials is awesome right now.

We are making some really cool progress with less actives here. It’s slow and difficult, but little by little there are some lost sheep coming back to the fold. This week a sister named Sonia who has such a strong testimony but a complicated home situation came and I cannot even describe the joy that every person in that branch felt seeing her walk in the church door. I feel like it gives me a miniscule taste of how badly Heavenly Father wants us all to come home to him and how happy we will be to get there ourselves, and help those we love do the same.

Won’t be much to report next week work wise considering we go to Lisbon today and tomorrow for mish council, we have zone meeting Wednesday, Thursday is THANKSGIVING (which we will be eating with a family who lived in the US for a long time, soblessed), Friday is weekly planning and also we go back to Lisbon for our mega conference and come back on Saturday afternoon and have a branch thanksgiving party and then it’s Sunday. And then the next week we have to do THREE divisions. and then it’s transfers. Bye mission. My life is spent on a Portuguese highway. But I love it so much.

Amo-vos todos…com todo o meu coração. (look I speak portuguese I am so cool)


SIster Jackson


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