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December 8, 2013 by jennaljackson

Dear ones,
Such a cool week this week! It started with mission council in Lisboa which was a special one with Elder Dyches. Instead of trainings or practices of techniques, we basically had him blow our minds and give us faca and fill us with the spirit for a few hours. He spoke on agency, and along with that, taking responsibility for our actions and choices and using the Atonement to be perfected. Basically, the end result is, I’m never giving an excuse for anything ever again. It just doesn’t work. NÃO DA. If I was a sucky missionary today, it was because I chose to be one, not because I was tired or cold (so cold, always so cold) or because the people weren’t receptive or because it was a ‘bad day’. As missionaries, we learn extremely well that we can’t control the agency of others, and as such we need to learn that nothing else can control our actions either. It was one of those speakers where you leave feeling 50% bad about yourself but 100% stoked to be so much better. The best kind.
Thursday was THANKSGIVINGGGG!!!!!!!!!! A REAL ONE! I know Pai Celestial loves me because he put me in an area with a member family that lived in the US for like 8 years and as such always feeds the missionaries a real Thanksgiving dinner every year. there was turkey. AND MASHED POTATOES (so much better than turkey) AND PIE. Now I will probably never in my life have to miss a thanksgiving with pie. Feels gud.
Friday and Saturday were spent once again in Lisbon for the mission conference (well half the mission) with Elder Dyches as well. He was fantastic again, as was his darling wife who is a convert from upstate NY and on Sunday when all I could think about was how cold our chapel was (no heat in portugal) I tried to think of her story about going to church in a stinking silo and that helped me keep things in perspective. Our mission president’s wife had to tell us to practice being happy…things are good here in the portugal lisbon mission hahaha. No really they are.
Saturday night we had THANKSGIVING AGAINNNNN!!!! As a branch activity. Except there was no real resemblance to thanksgiving other than a lot of people eating together and also I told the story of thanksgiving in Portuguese which was interesting… “os Pilgrims e os Indios…ou seja, Americanos Nativos? não sei.” The food we had was a pot the size of Kansas filled with cachupa, this Cabo Verdean dish that is so good, and tuna pasta salad and juice. What?? But it was so fun anyways.
Investigator news…we delayed Julio’s baptism, he’s still totally firm but we’re just not around to teach him too much and we want him to be super prepared so we thought it was better. This saturday it goes down. And then sunday we have transfers! I don’t think anything will change for me but you never know….suspennnnseee. Three divisions this week and a Christmas conference so bye area see you later. But it’ll be cool anyway. Wish me luck love you guyss!!!!
stay sweet
Sister Jackson
Chris and Lindsay…I found this on a portuguese cliff by the ocean. MEANT TO BE. I WISH I COULD BE THERE FOR YOU GUYS BUT HAVE FUN GETTING MARRIED #harmers

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