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December 16, 2013 by jennaljackson

Dear friends,

So I’m writing you from………the train station in Aveiro, Portugal. Yup transferred AGAIN yayyyy. Halfway done with my mission and this is my fourth area…a lot of sisters only ever have four areas haha so I don’t know what this says about me yikes. I was SUPER sad to leave Lagos, I didn’t want to nor expect to leave but Aveiro seems really cool from the hour I’ve been here, so onward and upward. It’s basically a little bit south of Porto, so I’m up in the cold and dreary North once again. Just joshing. I love it in the North, I always knew I’d come right back. On an interesting note, I’ve now gone more than half my time in the Portugal Lisbon mission without ever serving anywhere near the actual city of Lisbon. Oh well. In our mission there are Lisbon missionaries, and then there are the rest of us. It’s interesting. 
My comp is Sister Hickey, she is from Utah and has one less transfer than me and she seems great from this past hour that we’ve spent together. She also has a Vera Bradley backpack, so you know it’s meant to be haha. Except that the exception we had to use backpacks was NEGATED and we have to go buy shoulder bags niiiice. And…I HAVE A WARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With a frequency of like 40, but still!
My last week in Lagos was spent, well, not in Lagos. We had three divisions in a row and were basically KIIINGGS ANNNDDD VAGABONDS for four days and showed up late to our Christmas conference because my comp directed me on the smallest mountain road in Portugal to get there. YES I BLAME HER. jk. This road was lit-trully shaped like a sin wave. We almost threw up. Instead we screamed the lyrics of efy songs to release our stress. Whateva. Also, at the last minute on my last night our baptism fell for reasons still unknown 😦 sad ending. And then the wheel on our car fell off. But don’t worry, it wasn’t me who was driving it before the shenanigans so I’m out of the woods. As far as I know it is still in the middle of the parking lot by the chapel. Adventures!!!!! My driving time was short but sweet, and I can safely tell you I don’t miss it haha. 
Well guys, this month we are focusing as a mission on following the Spirit and we are doing this amazing activity in Preach My Gospel that has a list of scriptures that describe the way the Spirit works with us, and we’re recording experiences that we have in which we feel the Spirit working in each way. I can say it’s the best study I’ve done in my mission. The Spirit guides us so much, and even more when we make an effort to realize it. This work is the cause of the Lord, and he will NEVER leave us to do it alone. 
Heart full of love for you all. 
Sister J
ps. as always, 2000 sister jackson points for those who recognize the subject line 🙂

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