Sister Jackson….tu tens descendencia preta?

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December 23, 2013 by jennaljackson

Hello my little christmas cupcakes

The subject line comes from almost the last thing my ward mission leader (except she couldn’t really be because she’s a girl so they just gave her the informal designation) SLASH bffl Gabi in Lagos. It means….do you have black heritage? Needless to say, I was honored. For anyone who decides to be friends with me after the mission I will tell you why she asked 🙂 
It’s been an interesting week getting to know Aveiro, my comp, and our area. Sister Hickey is from Mapleton, UT and turned 20 the day after I got here!! So a late bday shout out to her. She is probably the cutest most caring upbeat person I have ever met. It’s awesome. I was walking on eggshells a little bit until she told me her best friend at home is really sarcastic and then I felt slightly more at ease. lulz. Our area is HUUUUGGGEEEE. We live like 45 minutes away from the chapel and like 30 minutes away from our area, and our area is like an hour away from the chapel so it’s interesting trying to get people to church. Luckily we have some members that are awesome and willing to help with rides considering basically no one in Portugal has a car. Makes me laugh that for an entire transfer in the tiny area of Lagos I had a car, and now when I actually need one, it’s all on foot baby.  This area opened up for sisters about 8 months ago and well…no one has baptized yet….but THE LORD HAS A BUNCH OF ELECTS SAVED UP I KNOW IT. Also, we have this really weird problem that I have not yet encountered on my mission….eternal investigators!!! They come to church, read, pray, keep the commandments, come to lessons…but just don’t want to get baptized. And I don’t know why. I’m trying everything I got but it’s gonna take faith faith faith and a miracle. This one old dude says it’s cuz he wants to wait for the weather to get warm because cold water hurts his skin. We’re like, it’s inside, the water won’t be cold. He just says still though I want it to be warm outside. wut?? 
On the awesome side, I taught two lessons IN ENGLISH this week. One to a man from Morocco who is in Portugal doing his PhD and understands the doctrine incredibly clearly and is reading the BoM like a champ, so cool. For anyone who went foreign and is like, it’s so much harder teaching in english…..hahahah lieeeesssss. It’s incredible. Different, and from time to time I went off on a small tangent, but for the most part they’re some of the best lessons I’ve ever taught. Can’t wait to help the missionaries when I get home. 
We had an awesome victory this week when we went to visit a house of four student girls, one of whom is a less active member. We invited them all to church and they all were a little shaky because of finals week. It’s hard to pressure someone on finals week because well I know how it is, but I also know they will get blessings and we told her (the less active) that she needed to come at least to sacrament meeting which is the last hour. She accepted and we continued in the lesson and at the end we were coordinating her ride and she’s like no, you know what, I can come to all the meetings. And there she was on Sunday! And she got up to sing in the choir and everything. Strengthening the less active members is one of the most rewarding parts of a mission, even though there’s not as much numbers glory. 
Anyway, it’s getting long this one. I love and appreciate you all!!! Remember the reason for the season and enjoy central heating for all of you that are in America 🙂
 Sister Jackson

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