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December 24, 2013 by jennaljackson


oh my gracious, it is christmas
i’m a little mad that no one sent me an email with the subject line christmas (baby please come home) but it just shows how much you all support me and don’t want me to be trunky….thank you but it would have been pretty clever you have to admit.
1. HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE TO ALL. The big day went down last night. This is actually a pretty big deal to all missionaries who spend much of their time walking around on the streets trying to talk to people. Much easier when it’s light outside.
2. I realized today that since heating does not exist in portugal and thus i never take off my coat, it is actually extremely possible to wear a crewneck sweatshirt under said coat and as long as I put a scarf on you can’t even tell…in the meantime I am toasty, comfy, and a little bit indier than usual. did it today. turned out great.
3. About two hours ago the first street contact I ever did in Aveiro called US to tell us he’d been reading the Restoration pamphlet we gave him and that he wants to change his life completely. I said we could help with that. You’re probably like, Sister Jackson, why didn’t you follow up with him before this? Calma. I’m not a bad missionary. He lives in the Elders’ area but since I guess they didn’t wanna contact the reference and he reached out to us…merry christmas to us :))
4. We had a nice ward christmas party that even though it started an hour and a half late turned out to be a success. Let’s hear it for christmas cheer. AND an awesome double zone christmas conference, complete with white elephant gift exchange…see attached
5. Christmas is almost over…hehehe not to be a grinch but the holiday season sure puts a damper on finding people with whom to share the gospel of Jesus Christ!! ironic
Luckily, being away from home on Christmas is not as sad as I thought. I always expected it to be depressing but the only depressing part is that everyone is so busy they don’t have time to talk to us!! Although I do miss you all, don’t worry. I mean thinking back to last year and listening to Brenton sing ‘santa baby’ in the smeagol voice, nothing says christmas like that. hopefully there’s someone in the MTC who will appreciate christmas #jacksonstyle. Pray for us that our ward likes us and someone invites us over for christmas day haha…otherwise we will be sad, lonely, and wandering the streets looking for other lost souls. This time of year, all the stateside missionaries get their hour of glory 🙂
Love you all! Make me proud!
Sister Jackson
1. my white elephant win. the ironic thing is…i gave the exact same 4 euro santa suit to someone else. karma. i am who kesha was talking about when she said….ilikeyourbeard
2. Viseu zone with President!
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