Happy Christmas Harry!!!!

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January 6, 2014 by jennaljackson

ohhhhh goossshhhh
My first and only mission christmas is terminado, ja era. It was the best mish christmas I could ever ask for! We opened up presents instead of going running in the cold and dark! We gorged ourself on food at the members’ (some was good, some was better), got to skype with my favorite people on the planet (minus a few, as elder brenton wastes away in the mtc and daniel/ashley waste away in thailand), and I don’t think I’ve ever sang so much in my LIFE. We went caroling with our members and even sang in the street outside the saturday market. Yes after Christmas, but whatevs. Also I’m in the ‘choir’ here and sing musical numbers every sunday with 3 other people. Their voice standards clearly are super high lollzzzz. No but seriously, Christmas was awesome. Glad it’s (almost) business as usual again, but I could not have been happier to focus on, as trite as it sounds, what actually matters. Even better than watching all the west wing Christmas episodes in a row. 

1. On Wednesday I will receive a new planner after spending 2 weeks without one (I lost it somehow???). Every missionary’s worst nightmare..plus it had a really cool christmas themed cover.

2. I found a place that sells something closer to a milkshake than anything I’ve had in portugal yet. #canyousayscore

3. I found five euros on the ground the other night

4. Because we may or may not have prayed for it, we had ALL THREE MEALS with members on christmas day and even managed to find some new people.

5. ELDER BRENTON STINKING JACKSON GOT REASSIGNED TO BOSTON STINKING MASSACHUSSETTS. I couldn’t be happier, prouder, stokeder. Find ALL the brazilians, portuguese, and cabo verdeans, and baptize them ALL. If you’re still there in 8 months, I’m asking your pres if I can come visit you. It’s too perfect!

6. We got permission to go to a new year’s day orchestra concert here in aveiro with members and investigators…i’m so stoked hehehe a whole hour when no one can complain about me listening to classical music!!!
Sorry we don’t have too much investigator news. We almost marked our old and eternal and awesome investigator Antonio, but then the next day he was like no…better be April. We keep working and working, our focus is finding the elects because we KNOW they are out there. Thanks for all your prayers, christmas wishes, love, and support!! I love you all so much! Pop some bottles of Martinelli’s for me on the novo ano yall. This year’s gonna be a good one, I can feel it.
love love,

Sister Jackson


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