Cloudy with a chance of CAKE

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January 20, 2014 by jennaljackson

Jan. 13, 2014

So the big news in Aveiro this week is that it’s the festival of some saint and in honor of this festival, people climb up on the roof of the Catholic church and throw little cakes off and then old Portuguese people gather round to catch them with upside down umbrellas.
Freals tho, this is how we party in PT

Some people cheated and brought huge fishing nets on long poles and they scored a ton of bolo but they’re just ringers and nobody likes them. if I had the ability to send pictures in this ghetto but free internet place, I’d show you the scene firsthand. But alas–patience grasshoppers.

The good news is Antonio is still going strong! He is firm for his baptismal date, and he gets bonus points because the ward wanted to switch the baptism to Saturday and he was like…alright! Also there was this crazy awesome blessing that he has always wanted to be baptized with more people than just him and it turns out there is a member family with an 8 year old daughter who are choosing to use this opportunity to baptize her as well! Tender mercies. Don’t stop praying though–I know it’s making a difference. Seriously.

We have also found some cool new people this week. We hadn’t been using our area book much but I felt like there had to be someone in the ‘potential investigators’ section who was ready for the gospel. We wrote some addresses in our planners and when we were visiting a less active (whose family we are also now teaching) we realized that one of them was on the same street. Even though in the area book it said they were never taught again we decided to try–and when we knocked on the door it was NOT the name we’d found, but we did find an extremely cool girl who said she has been lacking in her spirituality and is looking for something more and was super interested in the message. sogood

No fleet foxes for y’all this week but I have something maybe even BETTER. So I may have received a packet of letters from the singles ward in VA and a complete stranger sent me the following awesome thing that made my week and that i will share with you:

“Remember that the gospel is the light that will always shine. This may seem very corny but I remember a quote from Lord of the Rings. In the first movie when Lady Galadriel hands Frodo the Light of Earendil saying ‘let it be a light to you, when all other lights go out.’ I know, weird quote to use haha. But let the gospel be your Light of Earendil. Situations and circumstances will chance, you will have difficulties, but the gospel will always shine and our Father in Heaven will always be there for us.”


Nicholas, I do not have any idea who you are, but we’re TOTALLY BEST FRIENDS NOW

anyway, that’s it for this week. As they say in Portugal…stay smooth…and be jealous cuz I’m the only one that’s gonna be catching saintcakes on the cabeça today. love you all!

sister jackson



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