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January 27, 2014 by jennaljackson

The good news this week:
It really really happened. On Saturday. Basically without any hitches, even though the members showed up like an hour late to give rides to the chapel an hour away where they have a font but hey we take what we can get. It was the best. There was an adorable little 8 year old venezuelan girl baptized with him and the Bishop gave this really cool welcome talk about how even though it was one old man and one little girl just starting out in life, we’re all equal in Heavenly Father’s eyes and he wants ALL to come unto Christ through this sacred covenant. It’s so true. Next stop priesthood.
Also, we had transfers today which brings me to
2. I stay in Aveiro and get Sister Williams!
So yeah, number two here! I’m stoked. We’re teaching some cool people and also our potential investigator pool just doubled because they closed the Elders’ area and gave it to us. So yeah, our already HUGE area is now even huger. No biggie. I’m excited though, lets me keep my legacy of never having a boring transfer call. Sister Williams from our three hour relationship seems awesome, she’s from Arizona and is 22 and from what I’ve heard is super smart and quote unquote An Animal. So yeah…Aveiro and I are lucky to have her!
3. We had two adorable little girls in church
…That are the nieces of an 18 year old recent convert. They loved church and the older girl (11) told one of our members that she wants to be baptized and stay in the church forever. Miracles are happening in Aveiro…thanks for the prayers!
In other less newsworthy news, the catholic party stomping grounds moved right next to our house to we get to listen to fubeca music at like 11 at night as we say our bedtime prayers NICE. On the bright side…the party brought a churro stand with it…which we bought to toast the baptism. In Portugal churros come with chocolate or other assorted fillings inside. Fun fact.
That’s about it! I’ll see if I can find a nice spiritual metaphor to send next time but for now…Jesus loves us and the Church is true.
Sister Jackson
ps. us and antonio. I swear he’s happy on the inside.
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