Have you been informed about UFOs?

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February 3, 2014 by jennaljackson

This week our most notable street contact came from a man who approached us with the subject line above…in English no less. Nice. It’s funny because in our apartment we have a bunch of pictures of ‘UFOs’ aka clouds that some crazy guy mailed to the church…yep, so we met that guy. Can’t believe it took us this long. After telling us about his extraterrestrial shenanigans he asked us our signs and told us all the personality defects we have because of them…apparently as a Libra I will only love my children if they are perfectly smart, beautiful, rich, obedient, etc. Sorry future spawn heheh. On the bright side…he told us he’s joining our church

BUT other than the fact that I’m totes sick and slightly miserable it’s been a great week. Antonio received the priesthood on Sunday. We marked three people for baptism, and I hope that we will be able to mark one more this week as well. Let’s just say Feb 8th should be a good day. Marking our two little girls, Sharon and Bhilkes (yes that is her real name) was so suave…basically we read 3 ne 11 with them and we start talking about baptism and then they and their grandma just start asking questions about it and how it’s done and even though I know we should do the convite in Preach My Gospel I just heard myself say, ‘do you guys have a desire to be baptized?’ You should have seen the way the little girls nodded their heads so excited. Their grandma was like are you kidding me? They’re the ones that came home all stoked from church last week talking about it! Always nice to mark someone who’s ready and waiting for it. The grandma wants to be baptized too, but she works on Sunday so it’s hard to get her to church. Include them and Nuno (our other mark) in your prayers please!

Taking on the elders’ area has been interesting…just because it’s a huge time sucker to walk from their old area to ours, seriously an hour walk so we’re gonna have to plan smart. Every missionary out there who has a car or convenient/reliable public transportation…count your blessings name them one by one. 
Also can I just say that my new comp is HILARIOUS and I have not laughed this hard on the mish in so long. She’s basically just an awesome missionary, super obedient but doesn’t make a big deal about it, easygoing, and also used part of comp study to tell me about the theory that Cain is Sasquatch. Coleman Scholz, that one’s for you. This transfer’s gonna be suaaave. Thanks for all your love and support and stuff….stay beautiful

Sister Jackson

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