Sister Jackson goes to Hogwarts

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February 10, 2014 by jennaljackson

Feb. 3, ’14

This week in Aveiro….
1. Stake Conference in Coimbra. Aside from Coimbra being incredibly cool and the inspiration for Hogwarts/HP, stake conf was great. Sometimes we get so bubbled in in our areas that it’s super refreshing to see how many strong and dedicated Saints there are in Portugal. There were literally not enough seats and a ton of people including all the missionaries obvi had to hang out in the halls. Also there were a ton of crying babies which makes me happy because FAMILIES. Portugal needs this temple.

2. Our cute little girls continue firm for baptism this week…as far as we know. The only problem is that we have to get the mom’s permission and signature before and she lives in Lisboa, but rumor is she gets into town on Friday so please pray that one she comes, and two that her heart is softened by the spirit and all will go smoothly. I sometimes get nervous about teaching kids because I’m like, gotta make sure they really understand and have a desire. But then Sharon who’s 11 in our lesson was like sorry guys…I’ve only memorized three articles of faith so far. uhhh……#thatsokay I guess she’s learning good stuff in primary! Coolest thing ever.

3. I cut my hair like three hours ago and i told the lady to trim it and she’s like okay yeah and then she cut off three inches AT LEAST so that’s the story of my hair here’s hoping it grows back.

4. Best moment of the week…and this might be long so preparem-se. Once upon a time I left our keys in our house. For all who know jenna jackson, this should come as a huge shock, not. But it happened and we were stuck outside our building calling the condo people but no one answered because it was saturday, hora de almoço, in Portugal. When miracle #1 the pizza guy came and let us into the building! We tried to go pick our lock with my chipotle gift card, to no avail. So we DUN DUN DUN called the office elders, ohhh the shame, but they were nice about it. We talked about some options and thought it was probably best to go stay with the Coimbra sisters until they got us our key but our new financial elder was like “hey do me a favor…pray and ask heavenly father if he wants you to go to coimbra or if he has another plan for you. If you guys are locked out it’s for a reason. I’ve never left my keys in my apartment because I always pray before I leave and the spirit reminds me to get them. So I’m assuming you’re not committing grievous sins and that the spirit didn’t help you because there’s a reason for this.” So we were kinda like ohhhkay, but we knelt down by the elevator in our apartment building and asked. I can say that i for sure felt the spirit in that prayer but I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to go to coimbra. Then we said amen and looked up and my comp looks at this random potted plant right next to us and goes, “is that a hanger?” and it WAS. a bent up wire hanger! It was like in 17 miracles when the bread appears on the ground. and she’s like let’s go try picking the lock again. I didn’t think it would work because you know, but we went up and she stuck the hanger in there and then i got going with the card and OUR DOOR OPENED HAHAHAHA. I hope you guys understand how dramatic and cool this is because it truly was. Was there a greater plan in us getting locked out? I think maybe. To build our faith and show that God answers all prayers and there is no request too banal that He won’t send a wire hanger in a plant, an office elder with great faith and great advice, a resourceful comp and an old chipotle gift card. God lives, He loves us, and the things we think are coincidences are so often miracles.
So that’s the drama of the portugal lisbon mission this week. Thanks for your support and prayers!

Amo-vos, vocês são o vento embaixo das minhas asas–

Sister Jackson


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