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February 17, 2014 by jennaljackson

Feb. 10, ’13

Happy almost Dia de Namorados! (Valentines) I already made a formal request to Sister Williams for the pleasure of her company on a lunch date…and breakfast date…and dinner date and street contacting date and teaching the word of god date it’ll be super romantic.

Best valentines day ever: my current status reminds me of that one time I mentored a 12 year old girl who wanted me to take her to the mall so she could buy a fake diamond ring and tell people she was married to jesus…i wonder how she’s doing these days
ANYWAY, the biggest news is…..
1. We still haven’t had any baptisms but no fear because we still have four people marked and almost five. Long story short, because of scheduling and activities and the investigators’ situations and because our ward council wanted to, ALL the baptisms have been pushed back until not this saturday but the next. It’s frustrating because…well we’re missionaries and these people are ready but the problem is that we have to rally everyone and their mother who has a car to drive an hour away, which is actually a huge sacrifice in Portugal (not being snarky it really is) because there’s no baptismal font here. BUT, the Lord’s will be done. It’s essential to have the support of the ward anyway. On the bright side, they’re all super excited that we’re gonna have new members so I know we can count on them for integration. 
2. Antonio blessed the sacrament yesterday. Incredible. Especially the part when before he said the water prayer he read out the title of the card: “prayer of the water.” I loved it. 
3. The sun is shining today….the sun hasn’t shined in i don’t KNOW how long. 
4. We had five investigators in church, they all loved it, and one walked there 20 minutes in the pouring rain, wind, and cold. I love it when people esforçam-se para o Senhor. 
Also I know I haven’t sent pictures in forever, but in the words of Nate Reuss from his Format days, “pictures only prove you can’t convince.” Here’s me convincing you that I’m still alive and still fresh to death..ha jk no one is fresh to death on a mission but I do what I can. 
LOVE YOU ALL! happy valentines day, um grande beijo na bunda para todos vos, and no don’t google translate that, it’s better left a mystery 😉 deuces
sister j

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