This one time in Aveiro…it didn’t rain‏

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February 17, 2014 by jennaljackson

But really though…in the past week I would say it only rained FIVE days. It’s a little bit of a dubious blessing, because when it doesn’t rain we have to pay the next day because it rains just as hard but still…..progress

This week in Aveiro:
1. aaaaaand waiting. We still have our 4 investigators marked….still for next weekend….so keep on staying tuned and praying for them! In the good news, apparently since we’re having all these baptisms the stake gave us permission to rent a pool close by for the afternoon hahah. Should be interesting. Everyone was super stoked, but in my personal opinion it’s one of those things that SEEMS a lot more convenient until you actually have to make it happen. But it’s on the ward council’s shoulders, oh thank goodness, so I just get to sit back and wait. Will I get trunky for high school swim team? Maayyybe. We all know I have that weird love for the smell of chlorine. 
2. Our members pulled out all the stops and helped us have 7 people in church. They were so helpful about giving rides to everyone that needed it! Our new investigator, Assibiana, said she felt ‘at home’ and well you’re not gonna not feel at home at the Lord’s house wasssupppp!!!
3. I took Sister Williams on a lovely date to ‘chocolate chocolate’ on Valentines Day and then it turned out we went to a member’s house for dinner and at the end of the night we wanted to die we were so full. 
4. IN FOUR DAYS I HAVE MY YEARVERSARY!  What can I burn?  What can I burn? (just kidding president)
Really, I know there are a lot of funny things that happened this week, mostly because sister williams is high larious, but i can’t think of them. I’m happy and healthy and I love you guys. Stay beautiful!
Love para sempre, 
Sister Jackson
ps. i dreamed about twitter. #pathetic

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