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February 25, 2014 by jennaljackson

Feb. 24, ’14

1. AAAAGUA. We had 3 people baptized this week: our perfect little girls and Wiliam, yes with one L, the friend of a member. We weren’t able to baptize the girls’ grandma yet, due to some unanswered questions she wasn’t really ready but I believe it will happen soon. Nuno didn’t quit smoking 😦 He went from 15 cigarettes to 5 in two days though. He too will soon follow. 

2. A little sneak peak on next Sunday’s transfers: Sister Williams and I got a call this morning that we’re going to be Sister Training Leaders next transfer and that we need to be in Lisbon tonight for mission council tomorrow. The natural conclusion is that we will stay together and that they will move the STL area to Aveiro, but this is not certain. One of us could leave still, or both technically. I hope not! I was looking around church this week thinking about how I really have grown to love the Aveiro ward and all the people in it. I think it’s the first time I’ve actually felt like I was assigned to a unit, instead of to a geographic area. Plus sista w is a champion, but that WOULD make her my first comp for two transfers not counting training. anyway, you guys will know for sure next Monday!
3. We had interviews. They were incredible. President Fluckiger is truly a called servant of the Lord. 
3a. To get to interviews, we had to sleep in Viseu on megabed, aka 4 beds pushed together for 6 sisters. Don’t tell anyone but Sister Williams is a little fiesty in her sleep and totes cuddled me, like, several times. it’s a good thing we’re friends. 
4. Remember Big Sky, the man who contacted us about UFOs? Rhetorical question; he is unforgettable. Well this week we passed him at this little café, he says nothing but looks up and grabs this manila envelope full of paper and hands it to us and we keep walking and open it immediately (I felt like I was Jason Bourne or doing a drug deal) and it’s full of these random pictures, 4 to a page, with his commentary on it on how it relates to aliens and religion. My favorite ones are his selfies. Don’t worry: all g rated. in the words of Lorelai Gilmore…CAN YOU SAY SCORE. What made it better: our zone leaders were with us at the time to do our baptismal interviews. They thought he was our investigator. #sorta
5. Miracle of the maquina. Turns out the new Casal missionaries in Lagos found my camera in the car when they took out the back seat for inspection. NINE MONTHS OF MEMORIES RESTORED LIKE THE GOSPEL IN THIS DISPENSATION WASSUP
6. One year down…………………….
Love ALL of you so much. No really, I do. Please do everything you can to keep spreadin’ the good news of salvation to all the world mmmk? Because really…it’s worth it. 
Sister Jackson

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