‘Do you live with family?’ ‘I ran away from my family. After all, they were only earthlings.’ -Big Sky‏

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March 15, 2014 by jennaljackson

…as you can see, the saga of Big Sky continues. It’s like, I know we shouldn’t waste time, but 5 mins with the guy just does good for our moods. Yesterday he said that when I go back to america that I should tell everyone AND I QUOTE ‘I met a special one! He’s flying with aliens!’ So consider that request GRANTED, Big Sky. #blogosphere

1. I stay in Aveiro with Sister Williams…and some wheeeelllzzz. That’s right. WE GOT A CAR AGAIN. It helped me keep my record of never having a boring transfer call. So we did a little jaunt down to Lisboa this morning on a bus and returned…not on a bus. My new car is automatic AND has a gps, so we’re in a much better state than a few transfers ago. Maybe i won’t get lost every single day. but knowing me…anyway, President told us he wants us to use it not only for divisions but our proselyting here in Aveiro as well. So the days of walking 3 hours straight are OVERRR!!!!

2. Three confirmations…three beautiful beautiful confirmations. THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN COVENANTS. And Wiliam bore testimony.
3. Last Tuesday we had mission council and mission council is the best because it makes you feel incredible and horrible at the same time but the horrible serves to make you even more obedient. I’ve talked to a lot more people on the street this week. And gotten rejected. A LOT. But you know what? It’s okay, because I’m super happy, and I know that Christ lives, he loves us, and that this is His church.
4. We brought an investigator to church on fast sunday and she bore her testimony about how she had grown up feeling close to god, how she’d strayed from the path a little, but how now she’s getting back on it and she knows Satan is going to tempt her because she along with everyone else at church is important and chosen by god but we CANNOT LET HIM and we must stay strong.
and the members were like…..
we like her.
Her name is Acibiana, she is from Sao Tome, and we are going to try and mark her this week. We already have the perfect member to follow up with her. Pray for us!
There’s really not too much news. You can hope that I don’t get fat with my car. After all, we are now in phase 6 months to sexy. is that inappropriate?
I love you all, can’t take much time to write today. You are the wind beneath my wings–
Sister JLJ

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