That one time we were the only white people at a 20 person party‏

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March 15, 2014 by jennaljackson

dear world citizens

basically we scooted around on our car all week. Our numbers are so much better because we don’t spend 2 hours at a time walking now. it’s chill but the members make fun of us for being so ‘rich’ and ‘chique’ because no one in portugal has cars…yeah. Also our bff member returned sister Lusi had her birthday party this week. Hence the subject line. ITWASAWESOME
So last week we had divisions with our STLs and this week we got to follow up with the fruits of those divisions…always an interesting experience bc in splits everyone knows you just contact the world. One of them was Julio, a man who invited us over for dinner at his bachelor pad (we brought a member obvi) and cooked us like this gourmet meal, informed us he was an Atheist, and told us this was our perfect opportunity to get the scoop on ‘why men act the way they do’. He also showed us the novel he wrote, semi-autobiographical of course, and was rather surprised when we refused the wine. But he accepted the BOM and said he will read with ‘much attention.’ that’s all we ask for. 
ANOTHER fruit from the division was Jose, this super cool man who is just one of those people who naturally understands our purpose. I love that. On our first meeting he was like, alright do you have any written information about your religion? First pamphlet time. We explained the restoration a little bit and brought out a book of mormon and he was like yes, THIS is more like it. And then he was like okay. I’m gonna study this, pray about it, and then I can tell you if I wanna ‘enter’ in this religion. #okay and then he called us the next day and he was like ‘I read the pamphlet! I understand about prophets now! And I LIKE that Joseph Smith. I’m gonna start on the Livro de Mormon now.’ EEEEEEEEEEEE we just need to get him to church now……

One cool thing that happened: a member visiting from Brazil brought her family member to church for the second time, a man named Manuel. And when I say she brought him to church I mean she looked up the address of the chapel in an unfamiliar city and they came a long way BY BOAT (no really…by boat) to all three hours of church and he loved it. I will never cease to be inspired by people who have that internal fire and just KNOW that it’s their duty to preach the gospel in all opportunities, be it convenient or not. We’re gonna have to figure out the ferry system to be able to start teaching him. Stoked on it #nautical
Also the mom of our recent convert little girls came to church while she was in town. She liked it and asked for a Gospel Principles manual to explore, which will be perfect. We’re still trying to wear her down so we can send missionaries to where she lives in Lisboa. How wonderful would it be to have that whole family as a member…pray for them. 
A quick testimony from me. I looked up ‘joy’ in the guide to studying the scriptures and by that it says see also: obey, obedience, obedient. That for me is the easiest way to describe one of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned on the mission. I’m still trying to get here, but I know that God knows what’s up way more than we do. Choose His way, and in the eloquent words of Brenton Jackson, ‘He will give you freely.’
Okay sorry this is way longer than usual and full of details of people you don’t know but it’s my life nawmsaynnn. I love you all SO much. Façam e sejam o bem!
Sister Jackson

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