“I mean, it’s not every day you get to bowl with a Texan” -Sister Williams‏

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March 30, 2014 by jennaljackson

March 17

The subject line describes the p-day we just had, the Texan being our new zone leader. (who said to me once, “wait, are you really a democrat? I think, no, I am CERTAIN that is a sin.” I didn’t answer him and I think he’s still wondering) as we entered the bowling alley, I told everyone, ‘I sort of hate bowling because I’m really bad at it but i want SO BADLY to be good because it seems so simple but no, i’m just terrible.’ And….it’s still true #yettobreak100 maybe I should sign up for bowling at BYU??? There’s nothing more zoob than that! and what better time to embrace the inner zoob than the post-mish funk….I’ll consider it. 

Miracle of the week. So you remember the guy who came to church with his Brazilian member cousin? From really far away? On a boat? Well, we knew the cousin was going back to Brazil this week so we tried to call ALL week to make an appointment and see if we could visit and if he was coming to church. HE NEVER ANSWERED. And then his phone was off. So we were like, well that’s it, never seeing Manuel again. But we prayed and prayed and then we get into church on Sunday and there he is with his pudgy self and a smile on his face, suit and tie and ready for church. NICE. I was like MANUEL, I tried to call you ALL week, what happened? He pulled out an iphone and said ‘you mean on this thing? Yeah, my cousin bought it for me, and I have no idea how to work it. I’ll give you my house phone, it’s better this way.’ And so it was that Manuel actually became an investigator after 3 times at church. We’re gonna try to mark him this week. 
Other than that, we keep bopping around Aveiro in our little car, and I decided I hate driving more than anything. I can’t say that to any other missionary because it’s roughly like a filthy rich person complaining about how people treat him differently because of the money, oh life is so hard. But really though….
In other news I have been reading the BoM in Spanish..or should I say…El Libro de Mormón? (imagine that with an upside down question mark) I have learned a few things, like sueño is dream, pueblo is people, and I laugh and laugh at how many times it says Padre because in Portugal that’s a Catholic priest, lulz. I think because i showed my desire our members want to give us a 12 person Venezuelan family to teach. No really that happened. we’re meeting with them on Saturday. 
That’s basically it! I love love looooove you all! remember that god is good, and his tender mercies really are all around us. Go tell someone about it. 
Sister Jackson 

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