I’m on a BOAT‏

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March 30, 2014 by jennaljackson

March 24,

Hey who all remembers that viral SNL sketch from like 4 years ago?? I dooooo….if you ain’t on a boat then you shore (punny) not me-o! 

In explanation to the subject line I will now tell you of perhaps my all-time favorite day on the mish (if we discount all baptisms and mission councils) which happened this Tuesday. So last week I told you about miraculous Manuel and how he comes to church on his boat and how we finally got his landline…well obviously we had to teach him this week. So we got up on Tuesday, studied, and then around 11 we drove to the seaside where we got a FERRY and had this picturesque little trip over to his peninsula, São Jacinto. Then he bought us lunch at this nautical themed cafe and took us to the beach and we walked around and then we went and taught him the restoration in front of his house and marked him for baptism this Saturday HEHEHEHEHE. We are the luckiest sisters in all the world!!!! Unfortunately, will still have a whoooole lot to teach him and it’s way time consuming to get there but pray for us that he will accept all the commandments mmmk. He is super indie. He spent half his life working as an engineer for companies in Jordan and Saudi Arabia and other middle eastern states. We would NEVER have found this guy if his member cousin from Brazil hadn’t randomly brought him to church. Definition of the miracles that happen when we work together. SOMOS UM. 
We’ve had a week of going outside the box to help our investigators. We took a nice run with our 30 year old male investigator, Nuno, during exercise hour on Saturday to help him quit smoking. We also gave him an electronic cigarette that one of our members provided but he said it didn’t work 😦 He’s gonna be a great baptism for someone someday, ha. 
We haven’t contacted our 12 person Venezuelan family yet. But we met a cool Venezuelan couple in the place we make our copies. I decided if I ever have to move to a politically unstable latin american country, I’m totes picking Venezuela. Nicest people in the world. 
In other news the sun is out…sometimes. One day I didn’t wear tights but then I decided that’s not for the best because my legs were blinding people….also picking classes for next fall was extremely weird — wait, the mission doesn’t last forever lolwut? 
I’m pretty bad at spiritual thoughts but I wanted to testify that the Lord loves us and he hears our prayers and when our desires are righteous he often answers so much more quickly and fully than we had imagined. This work is really His. 
Stay beautiful!
Sister Jackson

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