Abandon ship………and Car!‏

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March 31, 2014 by jennaljackson

3-31-14 Baptism 2 3-31-14 beach


We’ve got the doldrums because Manuel, our super elect island dweller (technically a peninsula, but if you have to get there on a boat it counts as an island to me) got hurt on his leg and had to go to France to be operated. So, he wasn’t baptized.  YET.
We don’t know when he’s coming back at all and as previously mentioned the man doesn’t know how to use a cell phone so it’s a waiting game for now. Stay tuned.
It was actually sort of a challenging week because all of our investigators went out of town/got sick/the like, but hey we found some interesting new people! One cool experience happened yesterday when we were on the hunt for a less active woman named Sara. Our gps led us to this road, house number 27, which was the right number but I’m like ummm this is not the house. But we’ll knock anyway, as missionaries do. We knocked and asked for Sara, and this man is like she’s in London! (further confusion) so we say we’re missionaries and he lets us in and it turns out it’s the complete wrong Sara haha but we were able to explain about the restoration to him anyway and we’re going back this week. I’m pretty sure unless we had ‘known’ his ‘daughter’, there is no way we would’ve gotten in that door. Gotta love portugal and the way they have a too-short list of approved names to give your children (no really. look it up). And then after that we found the less active on the street over. She has 3 adorable boys, two of whom need to be baptized….checkmate satanás.
Regarding the subject line, our car broke this week. it’s missing some electical piece. we’re on tenterhooks to see if it’ll be done by 6 tonight so we can take it to mission council in Lisboa…I’ve never prayed so much for a car. But hey, if we gotta take a bus, at least we get to hear musica do mundo! #halfkidding
(also right now the man next to me in the internet cafe is totes on the hunt for a mail order bride, lolz)
…….aaand on that note, I just really want to bear my testimony that we God lives and that we really do have a Savior. Internalizing that knowledge, accepting our reliance on Christ, changes life in such a profound way. We studied grace as a companionship and what a beautiful doctrine. Following Christ does not pay our debt to justice, but it shows our love for Him and helps us learn to love being like Him so that one day we can love to be in His presence. What an amazing opportunity to share with the world how it is we do that.
Love you all with all my heart!
Sister JLJ

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