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April 21, 2014 by jennaljackson

April 14, 2014

I can’t email too much today because i am in a best buy like store pretending to test out the macbook pro but really i am just reading my email and all this because…





Hahaha got the news last night. It was pretty dramatic. Only two transfer calls have literally caused me to crumple to the floor and this was one of them. I mean, I’ve done whitewashes before, and trained before, but the two in one should be um…interesting. Sister Fluckiger said ‘i think the people there need….a little love from the sisters.’ Tough love? Pode ser? My comp’s name is sister cullimore which i am guessing means she’s american even though I’ve just been saying it in a british accent all day because doesn’t that sound totally british and while it should be interesting having to teach someone the language again it’ll be GREAT. 

I can’t say I’m happy to leave Aveiro, I wanted and was fully expecting to stay and I loved my life there and we were seeing some real growth. Speaking of which, NUNO WAS BAPTIZED THIS WEEK! Here’s what happened. He’s been trying to quit smoking for like 3 months now, and by that I mean he’s been meeting with us and coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon every day but just wasn’t really into quitting. He said that one day he would just do it. We didn’t really believe him but hey, turns out that one day was this week! Music to our ears when he just shows up for the compromisso and goes by the way, I haven’t smoked. So we marked him. And even though our ward had doubts..lots of them..and it was dramatic..he was successfully baptized on Sunday. Everything went smoothly and he bore a testimony there that impressed everyone. It was such a good note to end the transfer on, and my time in Aveiro for that matter. Pics to come soon. 

My new area is called Foz do Douro, and it’s right close to Porto so I’m excited for that. I heard it’s super rich, every missionary’s dream haha. It was the Zone Leader’s area up until now. Ive had a good time today doing this joke with all the missionaries I see….

‘Where are you going?’ ‘Foz do Douro.’ ‘But isn’t that a zone leader’s area?’ ‘YEAH I WENT ZL HIGH FIVE’ im the only one who thinks it’s funny

Turns out my one goal to serve in Lisbon isn’t ever gonna happen, but I get to work here for 3 days while I wait for my kid to show up. Can’t wait to see what she’s like heheheehe. And for us to get to our area and her to be like what do we do and im like….good question


Love you all. LOVE. Keep being incredible. 

Sister Jackson


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