“I don’t think you understand…THESE ARE FOR CHILDREN”‏

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April 27, 2014 by jennaljackson

–what the bowling man said when I convinced our district that we should get the bumpers. He didn’t want to let us use them. Some people have no sense of humor… he even tried to give us a ‘demonstration’ of how to bowl successfully hahahha but in the end we were annoying Americans and wore them down. My game’s getting preeetty good!
First, HAPPY EASTER!!! Jesus is risen. 2 nefi 9. God’s plan is so perfect.
Second, Foz is….pretty different. As promised, it’s super $$ which is interesting because it means big houses with big gates and no one in the street. When I say there is NO ONE in the street, I mean I talk to every single person I pass but don’t be impressed by that cuz it’s like 2 people per hour. Yikes…
Also want to know how many active people are in our ward
We’re gonna see if we can do something about that! Luckily, all the people that are there are super firm and have a long time in the church (except one recent convert). That means they’re really old, and basically feel like they can do whatever they want, which ends up being pretty funny a lot of the time. Such as when the Bishop’s wife finished her talk on the Atonement by singing a solo of I Know That My Redeemer Lives, except she kinda forgot the words halfway through, which resulted in half the ward “helping” her by also singing under their breaths until she finished. That was our sacrament meeting. To laugh or to cry? I will laugh.
On the bright side, it’s beautiful, our members want to work, we have our own baptismal font, and Sister Cullimore is doing great. I almost think training my 2nd was easier than this because it was so much more accessible to put myself in her mindset and know how to help and what she wouldn’t understand. Now she has to be like uhh..Sister Jackson…what are you talking about? and I’ll realize I translated a phrase directly from Portuguese that makes absolutely no sense in English. She’s been a good sport. I’m tired. And constipada. Who all out there thought I said I was constipated just now? Nope, it means I have a head cold. hehe Portuguese bathroom humor.
LOVE YOU ALL pray for us to find the elects plzzzz
❤ sister jackson

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