And then, we did some more finding

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May 5, 2014 by jennaljackson

Dear Dear Ones,

So this week, we kept on welp pinkwashing! which means, getting lost, looking up people from the area book whose addresses actually don’t exist, taking the wrong buses at 9:20 at night (oops), and generally doing finding


and more finding.

But there were good things too! (i mean not that finding isn’t good….ahem) our frequency at church was 22, meaning we upped by like 25 percent or something. Ok so i didn’t do any math to come up with that but it sounds right. One of the recent converts we’ve been working with came. We also picked up some cool investigators, one a new contact of ours who is stoked that we’re answering all his ‘unanswerable’ questions on religion and one old one who says he’s ready to get baptized at any time, as long as his mom will support him! Now we just have to soften the mom’s heart! The one little problem is that she lives in africa…sooooo….fasting&prayers #longdistancemiracles also we saw the ocean this week!! and found that our area is actually really pretty. And has a zara. winwin. Even though sometimes walking around on the street I feel like Will Smith in i am legend, stinking rich people all having cars -__-

I was proud of missionary work this week when i heard the conversion story of this area’s most recent baptism. A woman named Carla who never had any sort of religion nor felt the desire, but one day she was just on a bus and saw the elders and felt like she needed to go talk to them. So they began teaching and though she said she laughed at them when they started explaining the commandments, she gained a testimony and quit smoking 2 packs a day and is keeping the law of chastity and everything. She says that her ability to deal with the difficulties of life doesn’t even compare to what she had before. And fun fact for all the missionaries out there, she actually read all the pamphlets and did the little studies at the end of them on her own….I never did see. There are truuuly truly people prepared.

Sister Cullimore has been a good sport through it all. She prob feels a little bit like I felt when I was trained, but there is nothing to be done except work work work. I like her Portuguese. She’s actually a little too good and hasn’t made that many funny mistakes 😦 i mean she did call bairro (neighborhood) a burro (donkey/rude name for a stupid person). QUAL BURRO É ESTE? hehe. I’ll keep you updated…also she was telling me about her ‘senior trip’ in dc and I was like hey maybe I was there and then we realized that when she was having her senior trip i was already on my mission. GRANNY JACKSON HERE


k love all you young whipper snappers out there and as they say in Portugal, tchauzinho.

sister jlj

What my comp does when I say “Hey Scully, make a game face.” #greenieglow

Me. Seeser Williams. Lusi. Icaro. AKA, the coolest young single adults in Aveiro (the only young single adults in Aveiro).
Nuno bein’ Nuno on his baptism day.Image
DISTRICT BOWLINGGGG. Did I remember to tell everyone I got my leprechaun zone leader back? It was a good day. I’d like to point out that the two elders here wearing hollister and abercrombie are british. Across the pond they like to think they’re above us but really they just wanna be us.


Nuno, once again, bein’ Nuno. His hand stance is called steepling and apparently it is an all knowing position, body language facts.


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