…i guess that’s why they call it window pain?‏

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May 13, 2014 by jennaljackson

This week…I broke a window with my BARE HANDS. We have a window in our shower (logical) and the frame was on the fritz and it was opening by itself, a dangerous situation when the window is IN THE SHOWER, so I tried to shut it with much force and

They still haven’t sent someone to fix it so we jimmy rigged some trash bags and duct tape. Our bathroom is freezing and the wind howls like a wolf at night. It’s fine. 
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the mothers, prospective mothers, etc etc out there. And especially to all those sister missionaries out there who, as a wise MTC branch president once said, are ‘giving up your childbearing years’ to serve the Lord…bet you didn’t know that along with your pants and your iphone your childbearing years are also on the altar of sacrifice! Only so many eggs amiright (too far?)
Family, it was lovely to hear your dulcet tones over the phone, RIP skype. I am 94% sure that it’s the first time that payphone outside the Aveiro train station has ever participated in a 6 person conference call headquartered in a swanky law firm in NYC. I always think I haven’t gotten mission awkward, but hearing people say my first name threw me for a loop there so we’ll see how i fare in the real world. forboding…
We had a pretty good week here, not too much to report except that one of our investigators, Nelson, came to church for the first time! On the downside, we haven’t been able to talk to Luisa all week so we’re a little worried about what’s happening there. But LUISA IN AVEIRO was BAPTIZED! And I got to see! The members were like whaaa when I showed up in the chapel…you can’t get rid of Sister Jackson…and it was ‘my’ first baptism in the ocean and it was so cold but what a happy day. So glad the sisters are continuing to do such good work. Sister Cullimore or Scully as I have nicknamed her is still a champ. I have had extremely vivid dreams this whole week and in one of them she completely rebelled against me and had a laptop and started watching tv shows on Hulu…I had to threaten her with a call to President but she was like I do what I want.  It was so intense. mission dreams.
That’s about it but for a spiritual thought I had sort of a late easter this year with a week of thinking about the resurrection of Christ and how incredible it is. The oneandonly Coleman Scholz wrote me about the talk Sunday Will Come, which is great and talks about just the incredible joy that Christ’s resurrection brought to his disciples back then and brings to us as a doctrine today. It’s so incredible. I never understook how incredible. We focus so much on eternal life and the celestial kingdom, but we can never get there without the power of the resurrection. As my boy Elder Maxwell said, Christ’s victory over death ended the human predicament. Now there are only personal predicaments, and from these too we may be rescued by following the teachings of him who rescued us from general extinction.” God’s plan is so perfect. 
Love you all! AMI E DODUNA BÓ! (that’s for you brenton.)
sister jackson

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