“She’ll be the looks, and you talk. You guys will have more success.”‏

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May 13, 2014 by jennaljackson

-What one of our contacts told me in respect to me and Sister Cullimore’s respective missionary ‘strengths’ but it’s okay because soon she’ll learn portuguese and let herself go like the rest of us (sadly, not a joke)

a DRAMATIC week in foz because…
WE GOT A NEW BISHOP!! And I mean, what’s better for church drama than getting a new bishop?? Especially when your bishop is like barely 40 and a recent convert of 3 years and in my opinion slightly ADHD in the very best way. I’m way excited though; he’s the person in our ward with the most energy and desire to work and I hope this is exactly what Foz needs to grow! Plus he LOVES the missionaries…and every missionary knows what a blessing it is to have a chill bispo.
Two miracles this week, both named Luisa! Luisa de Foz: she’s a woman that we saw for like 5 seconds when we were checking the bus schedule and she was sitting at the bus stop. We asked if we could pass by her, she gave us her phone number, one of those contacts where you’re like, meh. But then she really did answer and let us pass by and absolutely loved the prayers and message we shared and cried as she offered the closing prayer. She came to church with us this week and even though the members are a little investigator-hungry and focused A LOT on her (too much?) during the classes and she got to watch all the confusing drama about a new bishopric, she liked it and we’re gonna keep meeting with her and hopefully mark her.
Luisa de Aveiro: If anyone actually keeps up with these investigators (don’t blame you if you don’t) you may remember the grandma of those two elect little girls we baptized in Aveiro. Well, after we taught her for three months and still couldn’t resolve her doubts enough to mark her firmly, I left Aveiro. But I got the amazing news this morning that she’ll be baptized this Sunday!! I am so happy. And since it’s an hour away, I’m going to ask permission to go see it…one of the plusses about never ever leaving the frigid north, all your areas are conveniently close 🙂
We have some other people that are progressing a bit but I’ll leave you wondering until something crazy happens. In other news, we found the complete lyrics to ice ice baby in our area book. Updated records of recent converts no…ice ice baby, yes. #priorities #elders
Well the weather is changing and so is Foz (slowly) and we’re going to go play in the beautiful beautiful city of Porto today so I’ll let you all go. Remember that I love you, and that you is kind, you is smart, you is important.
❤ sister j
ps. ive had the song hero by enrique iglesias in my head all week just fyi

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