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June 2, 2014 by jennaljackson


So, Sister Cullimore and I are staying together in Foz. I’m in the last two transfers twilight zone! guiiirrdd. In the beginning of my mission I realized that if you double the months that a sister is on the mission that it makes a perfect ACT score. I think I can get into BYU now, so you know that means I’m old. But as we know, GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE! So I won’t either. 
We had a ton of tender mercies this week. We had 3 investigators show up to church, which is more than we’ve had all transfer! One of them was an old investigator of the elders that just randomly came, and we have another appointment with him tonight so we’re way excited. We picked up a new investigator named Miguel who also progressed a ton with the elders but had trouble quitting smoking, but he was willing to make a goal with us with the end of baptism in mind. Scooore! 
The biggest miracle of the week: So my recent convert from Aveiro, Nuno, stayed in that area only long enough to receive the Holy Ghost and then had to suddenly move to Porto to get work. The sisters there haven’t been able to figure out where. So I took matters into my own hands and called him up this week and long story short, HE LIVES IN FOZ! IN MY AREA!!!! I can call him whenever I want, meet up with him, strengthen him and bring him to church. The downside: he’s been out of town all week in the center of Porto but it’s okay because God is so good. He sent the only missionary who would know enough to follow up with Nuno to the exact area where he’d be moving. Is that why I’m in Foz? Who knows. But tender, tender mercies. 
I’m super stoked to be staying here with my dear Scully. We laugh until we cry at least twice every day. And okay, it’s really easy to make me laugh until I cry but I am thankful for it anyway. We got taken out of our dream district and changed to another but….sigh. sacrificies must be made. Too much fun for one district. 
Love you all lots!
Sister JLJ

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